Aston Martin One-77 “exclusive limited edition car”

premium and limited edition luxury

Aston martin one-77

Pros:Exclusivity,interiors,design,accelaration,fastest Aston Martin.
Cons:naturally aspirated engine,high price tag.

The Aston Martin One-77 is an exclusive limited edition 2 door sports coupe.Only 77 will be ever made.Aston Martin has not revealed the price of the car since it went into production from late 2010.According to TopGear the price of the car is £1,200,000.It was designed by the famous designer Marek Reichman.Who also designed Aston martin Rapide and DBS.His other famous designs include the Rolls Royce phantom and the current genration Range Rover.The car from its introduction in the 2008 paris auto show where it was “Savile Row tailored skirt” and it was revealed completely at the 2009 Geneva motor show has been awarded with several internationally renowned design awards.Some of the note worthy awards include the Concorso d’Eleganza Design Award for Concept Cars and Prototypes, the GOOD DESIGN award by The Chicago Athenauem: Museum of Architecture and Design in North America and the “Best Design” award by the UK automobile magazine Auto Express.

The 7.3 L V12 Naturally aspirated engine mated to a six speed automated manual transmission which is seen in the DBS but a bit strengthened to use in the One-77.The engine produces a massive 750 Bhp(760 ps,559 kw) power and 750 Nm(553 lb ft) torque.Astin Martin claims that this V12 Is the most powerful aspirated engine when the car is delivered.the car dpes 0-100 kmph (0-60 mph)inn a mere 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 220.007 mph (354.067 km/h).The inside of the engine cover is lined with gold leaf to protect the paintwork on the bonnet from the unit’s explosive heat.
The interior is a master class in luxury as you would expect from a limited edition car .It has push rod active suspension which is derived from the race cars of Europe’s Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters Series.When the car reaches high velocity the active suspension lowers one inch and the rear spoiler rises four inches to improve handling and aerodynamics.
The carbon fibre moncoque chassis with aluminium body work is handcrafted.

It features Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres (255/35 ZR20 front, 335/30 ZR20 rear) and Carbon Ceramic Matrix brakes which brings the car to rest easily even at very high speeds.But the braking of the car at low speeds when the temperature is low in the disc brakes it is not so powerful as carbon ceramic brakes need high temperatures to perform to its full potential.

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