High time for buying a used luxury petrol car

With the rising petrol prices in India second hand car market is in its birth stage. The high end petrol luxury cars have less demand in the second hand car market. As we all know the basic rule that “when there is more demand than supply the costs come down”.The demand for diesel vehicles has been sky rocketing day by day.As the demand for diesel increase manufacturers are trying to cut down on features and make more margin on diesel cars.There is also a soon to be introduced Indian Government policy on diesel cars according to the new policy diesel cars have a fuel premium to neutralize the subsidy given by Governemnt on Diesel.So it is high time you can opt for a second hand petrol car rather than a mild looking and less featured diesel car.

You can own of these luxury and Good looking cars for less than half the Ex-showroom price luxury vehicles like Accord’s, Civic’s & Camry’s available at a bargain price of  5-9 lakhs. The reason for the downfall of petrol car prices in the second hand market can be attributed to both the above mentioned factors rising petrol prices and demand is less than supply and also because petrol cars are less fuel efficient than diesel cars.To counter react on the problem of less mileage you can have CNG conversion  kit which is more cost effective than diesel.And you can hardly feel the power lag on your car.

So, this is the best time to purchase an used luxury petrol car at mouth watering price.

Here is a list of some of the cars I feel are a good deal:

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