KTM Duke 200

It is a perfect On road/Off road Bike

KTM is an Austria company whose Motorcycles are well-known for Endurance racing.With the growing passion among the Indian for sporty bikes and Bajaj Auto’s 40 % share in KTM had made the Austrian company  enter the Indian market and their first offering in Indian Market is the Duke 200.The Duke 200 is a Naked street bike which also has nice off roading characteristics.With its linear power delivery this bike is good for both city and highway.The bike is aggressively priced at an introductory price of 1,17,000.KTM duke will be sold through KTM stores which are previously Bajaj Pro-biking showrooms and now turned to KTM stores.Don’t worry Ninja owners the Ninja 250R and 650R will we sold in the KTM store and serviced.

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Bajaj Pulsar 200 Naked Sport

When Bajaj stopped the production of Pulsar 200 with the introduction of 220 Dts-SI every Pulsar fan thought that why did Bajaj Make such a decision when the 200 Pulsar is well received ? Some people speculated that it was to boost the sales of the new Pulsar 220 Dts-Si the fastest Indian.But no one had never expected that Pulsar 200 will be brought back again in a raw and naked form in the New 2012 Pulsar 200 Naked Sport form.The bike also gets an increase in power the previous bike used to generate around 18 horsepower and the new 2012 Pulsar 200 NS will be producing a massive 23 bhp and a healthy 18 Nm torque.What is more interesting is the price of the new bike it is said it would be priced below one lakh.This bike has a new Dts-i (Digital Triple Spark Ignition) engine.

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Yamaha YZF R15 Version 2.0

From the rear it looks like an Yamaha R6

The Yamaha YZF R15 Version 2.0 is the successor of the previous Yamaha YZF R15 which debuted in India in June 12 2008 in India.Since then the R15 has not gone under upgrade and increasing competition in Indian market with a new CBR150 and KTM Duke 200 Yamaha thought that a upgrade was necessary and  in September sixth 2011 the Version 2.0 was released.The bike under gone many changes visually and new paint jobs and finishes though the engine output and the chassis and suspension remains the same the Version 2.0 has some performance improvements around the circuit because of change in gear ratios and increase in performance.
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Top 10 Upcoming SUV’s list

Mazda minagi red and mazda carHere goes the list of top 10 upcoming SUV’s some of them are due for release in 2012 and some may go further 2012 before release.The SUV market is  growing market segment and every auto manufacturer is trying to gain more share over the other and are releasing SUV’s more competitively in the market.This was not the scenario a decade ago were  we would see more car models are released than SUV’s and only quite few manufacturers were producing SUV’s but after realizing the growth of SUV segment every manufacturer is interested.Most of the manufacturers are shifting to green technologies in 2012.

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Top 10 fastest cars in the world in 2012.

White citroen GT under spot light Many costly and expensive high-end Super cars are going to hit the road in 2012.We had selected the best of the best super cars in 2012. But keep in mind these are mostly limited editions and have a very high price tag usually near and above the million dollar range.These cars are sometimes built for money-making or for Automobile companies showing supremacy over other cars and thus improving the Brand value.Here goes the  list of 2012 super cars..These cars may can be used on road but are mostly meant for high speed racing on the race circuit and less frequent in day to day life.

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Innovations I would like to see in cars of the future

I always wondered why we the regular cars do not have features like those in a Batman, James Bond movie or some other Hollywood movie. This made me write this article about some features which I would like to see in cars of the future. With the technology advancements of today, I don’t think most of them would be impossible. However, these are just my imaginations, they may not be practically feasible but however do sound interesting.

P.S. If anyone copies these ideas please send me my share for copying my idea :p

So, here’s the list:

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Hero Moto Corp Future

Apparently the biggest two-wheeler manufacturer in India in terms of sales by a large margin over its competitor Bajaj Motorcycles.But are the figure ‘s going to stay continued over the coming years ? Many would have thought that after the separation of Honda from Hero Honda joint venture that the sales of Hero will decrease but to their surprise Hero posted a growth of 48 % in quarter 4 2011.

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Yamaha M1 2012 Moto GP bike

Ben spies on a black Yamaha M1 2012

Ben spies on Yamaha M1 2012 Testing

There are only three factory bikes in 2012 Moto GP.The Yamaha M1 is a series of Proto type racing bikes used in Moto GP racing.The Yamaha M1 is Factory bike in Moto GP.Yamaha Factory Racing is the official factory team of Yamaha and they manufacture the M1.The Yamaha team had finished in second place in both riders standings and Manufacturer standings.Yamaha had special attention towards the bike.And after the testing season it was evident that the Yamaha M1 2012 was competitive against the Honda RC213V.

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Honda RC213V 2012 Moto GP bike

1000 cc RC 213 V in Repsol colors

The Honda RC 213 V in testing in Moto GP testing season

The  RC213V is a 1000 cc Moto GP proto type machine developed by Honda racing for use in Moto GP 2012.The RC213V is a factory Moto GP bike.As the official sponsor for Honda in 2012 is Repsol the bike is seen in Repsol colors during the testing season of the bike.Honda has two riders for 2012 one is 2011  Moto GP champion Casey Stoner and Dani Pedrosa.Honda is the 2011 Moto GP Manufacturer champion and as a defending champion for the title.Honda engineers had put in their best efforts to make the RC213V.Casey Stoner who rode the bike in the testing season was satisfied with the bike and he finished in first place during the testing followed by two Yamaha Factory Racing riders Ben spies  Jorge Lorenzo third place On Yamaha M1 2012.From recent reports from other Honda satellite teams it is rumoured that the RC213V costs 4-5 million.

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2012 Moto GP Rider’s championship Battle

The top riders of Moto GP one of these people will definitely get the crown in 2012


The Battle for the 2012 Moto GP championship heats up as there some more riders to compete with the four Moto GP aliens.The four so called aliens Casey Stoner,Jorge Lorenzo,Dani Pedrosa and Valentino Rossi.In 2011 Casey Stoner came on top with the Honda RC 212 V and followed by Jorge Lorenzo on the Yamaha M1 2012 in second place and Dani Pedrosa In fourth place on Honda RC 212 V and Valentino Rossi had a poor season with the Ducati  Desmosedici GP 11 and finishing with seventh place.There are three more competitors to the four in the 2012 season.They are Andrea Dovizioso who finished third in 2011 with the factory Honda RC 212 V and Ben spies finishing fifth on the factory Yamaha factory M1 and Nicky Hayden along with Rossi had a poor season finishing in seventh place with the Desmosedici GP 11.we are going to speculate on the riders strengths and defects and evaluate the winning chances.

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