Celebrities and their Motorbikes

Have you ever wondered what bikes does celebrities use ? here is a list of celebrities and their super bikes they use.This blog post will be updated on timely manner so keep visiting this blog post for updated information.The celebrities list includes holly wood stars and sports men and many other categories of celebrities.

Tom cruise has a lots of passion for motorbikes and he has a big collection of super bikes.He is a big fan of Italian super bikes.

Tom cruise with his Rosso GP red Ducati Desmosedici RR

1.Ducati Desmosedici RR It is a true replica of Moto GP Ducati Desmosedici GP 6 bike.He spent $72,500 for the Desmosedici and he is the first owner of the Desmosedici in USA.As priority was given to Ducati 999R owners for the Desmosedici as Cruise already has a Ducati 999R he was given first priority.

2.Vyrus 985 c3.4v Tom cruise saw it in the showroom near his house and fell in love with the bike he spent around $ 100,000 for this bike.The price of the bike is justified by the fact that it is hand made in Italy.

Vyrus 985 c3.4v is hand made

3.Confederate Hellcat he brought this cool bike for $60,000.It is a limited edition bike so the price was high.David Beckham also owns one.

Tom cruise standing on his confederate hellcat

4.Ducati 999R he spent $ 30,000 it is the racing version of the Ducati 999 with some performance imprvements over the Ducati 999.

tom cruise on his black ducati 999R in his garage

Tom cruise on his 999R in his garage

5.Honda Rune He spent around $27,000

tom cruise with his girl friend on red honda rune

Tom cruise with his girlfriend on Honda Rune

6.BMW S 1000 RR

Tom cruise going in a corner with his black BMW S1000 RR

Tom cruise on BMW S1000 RR black


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