Top 5 under-rated & over-rated cars in India

How many times, you would have you wondered why people go gaga over a car certain car which doesn’t appeal to you or just the opposite, you find some car very appealing and wonder why it hasn’t been able to grab the attention.

Well, whatever may be the reason, the press or the promotions or whatever, here is the list of the top 5 under-rated and over-rated cars in India in my opinion:


1.Fiat Palio

2.Fiat Linea

3.Maruti Baleno, another good car which dodn’t make numbers.

4.Ford Mondeo

5.Fiat Petra

Damn, thats 3 outta 5 from Fiat. Every car by Fiat from the palio to the punto to the Linea was never a run-away success given the fact that hey have decent on road character, superb engines, good build quality but yet don’t make huge numbers. The FIAT brand has just never been appealing to the Indians. The only negative point of Fiat in my opinion is the poor After Sales Service (A.S.S), other than that, the FIAT’s are a lot of fun to own. But, yes these models did manage to get a very good fan base from the enthusiasts who just love revving these cars.


1.Maruti Zen, I don’t know what people like about this one, its totally cramped looks ugly but still people love it. It’s the only car in the world that’s priced more than its predecessor but yet inferior to it.

2.Mahindra Scorpio, I agree that it has a macho image but the handling,braking & other niggles are greatly over looked.

3.Mitsubushi Lancer, all show- no go                                   

4.Maruti Esteem, well this car has never impressed me

5.Hyundai i20, another one of the all show-no go car.


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