2011 Moto GP Factory bikes


In 2011 there are Four factory bikes from 3 Japanese makers and 1 from Italian.After the 2012 Moto GP rules had changed and Moto GP switched to 1000 cc motorbikes Suzuki has with drawn its factory bike Suzuki GSV-R and said the reason for withdrawing was growing costs and economic crisis and however there return to Moto GP is likely in 201 if the economy becomes better.The four factory bikes used in 2011 Moto GP are the Honda RC212 V,Yamaha M1 2011,Suzuki GSV-R 2011,Ducati Desmosedici GP 11.These bikes are prototypes and are not road legal.These bikes do not have headlight,Horn,side stand,pillion seat etc

The four factory bike manufacturers

Out of the four companies which manufacture factory bikes three are Japanese and the other remaing one the Ducati is Italian.This shows that the Japanese are a clear leaders in Moto GP.Honda is one of the most successful Moto GP teams of 21 st century followed by Yamaha and Ducati.Previously in the 20 th century MV Agusta ruled the racing world.The success for the team can be attributed to a lot of factors team members and riders and technical and non-technical crew and some other factors too.But to win a race the Moto GP bike must be designed in such a way that it does not violate any Moto GP rules and yet be superior in terms of acceleration and cornering and stability in high speeds and a  gear box combined with a advanced sipper clutch which help in gearing for the rider.A rider can only win the race if his bike is upto the standards of the other factory bikes and his skills and the crew members team work comes into play for the team to win.So we are going by a small intorduction of the Moto GP Bikes and going to frame the main aspects of the factory bikes.All the factory bikes use a V-four configuration

1.Honda RC 212 V

It has a V-4 engine configuration.The bike which won the crown Casey Stoner and also Honda in the manufacturers team.The main advantage for Honda is that they are more advanced in technology than any other team n the Moto GP grid.The technology used by Honda has a less chance of failure.The Cassette type gear box used first by Honda was now a common thing on Moto GP bikes.This shows how technologically advanced Honda in racing.The RC 212 V has a healthy acceleration and good stability in and out of the corners and the Bridgestone compound is selected carefully to provide optimum grip for the rider at high speeds and in corners.

2.Yamaha M1 2011

The 2011 M1 won second place for Jorge Lorenzo in 2011.When Valentino Rossi left Yamaha for Ducati every one may have had thought that Ducati may have an edge over Yamaha because before Rossi the M1 was not winning races after Rossi entered Yamaha with his crew from Honda Yamaha M1 has a compete revamp and combined with Pirelli tyres won championships for Rossi and his team.But the scene was completely different Yamaha M1 even after Rossi left to Ducati had managed a second place.This shows that the m1 is upto the standards of the number 1 bike Honda RC 212 V.

3.Ducati Desmosedici GP 11

It has a V4 engine configuration.The Desmosedici is a good bike but what madethe GP 11  go down to seventh place with the world champion Valentino Rossi was the Carbon fibre chassis which lacked front end feed back for Rossi and Ducati in wake of this changed the 2012 Desmosedici upto 90 % as changing the chassis changing other parts as Ducati chassis has a link with the engine and other components of the bike.The only one who was abe to control the Desmosedici was Casey Stoner.It matches to Casey Stoner but not to Valentino Rossi.

4.Suzuki GSV-R

Suzuki was not so successful in Moto GP and the GSV-R in spite of putting in best efforts the bike was not a successful one.It has a V-4 engine configuration with 4 valves per cylinder.The Bike losses out in acceleration when compared to other bikes.

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