2012 Moto GP Factory Bikes

With the new rule changes in 2012 in Moto GP switching from 800 cc to 1000 cc bikes.The Moto GP bikes have to change the displacement and after Suzuki with drawn now there are only three factory teams in Moto GP.The factory teams are Honda,Yamaha and Ducati.Lets go with a breif introduction of the new 1000 cc class Moto GP Fatory bikes.These are only factory bikes and CRT bikes are different.

1.Honda RC 213 V

The defending champion for both manufacturers title and riders championship for this year has come up with the RC 213 V.The RC 213 V is the successor  of RC 212 V.Have you wonder what the RC 213 V mean ?

  • RC  – Honda’s standard prefix for 4 stroke bikes
  • 213 – Third works bike of the 21st century
  • V – V configuration engine

It is known from reports that Casey Stoner was faster on the RC 213 v.

Rider riding on a 2012 yamaha m12.Yamaha M1 2012

Yamaha after completing with a second place in the 2011 Moto GP season is looking for vengeance against the Honda and Yamaha had updated the the 2012 M1.which is set for racing action in the Moto GP.The design elements are not yet known. JOrge Lorenzo was satisfied with the new M1.

3.Ducati Desmosedici GP 12

They have sgned a two year contract with Valentino Rossi every one thought the Italian team with an Italian rider can make miracles in Moto GP 2011 season both in terms of sales of Ducati Bikes and also carrier statistics of Valentino Rossi.But admist the thoughts and speculations of Moto GP fans and enthusiasts the scene was completely different in the season with Rossi standing at seventh place and followed by Nicky Hayden the other rider for Ducati.Ducati did a complete revamp of the Chassis and engine and 90 % of the bike is new.But the bike will have same looks as the Desmosedici GP 11.

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