Indian Cars That Rule The Road

2012 Toyota Fortuner the car has the most road presence in India

There are tens of hundreds of cars on the Indian Roads, but how many of them make an impact on the road? It is not very often that you find some cars dominating the road, with massive road presence. There are some cars which run as if they rule(DADAgiri) the road. These cars grab attention instantaneously and make people feel that the person sitting inside must be a powerful person ( read “bigshot”). Even the most rude truck driver would give you side even before you honk when you are travelling in these cars.

It is not always the big fat boys(read SUV’s) that have a stunning road presence but also some sedans are worth mentioning here.

So which cars in India do you think can be termed as DADAgiri cars (road presence)?

Given below are the top 10 cars which I think can do some dadagiri on the Indian roads(the ones you find on roads daily, exclude the luxury/niche cars):

black 2011 toyota fortuner

2011 Toyota Fortuner Model

2012 white toyota fortuner

2012 model Toyota Fortuner

1.Toyota Fortuner, the big fat boy. As soon as you see this car, it is the rock solid build,and a dominating front that you notice. Toyota has indeed built this one like a tank. It has a lot of road presence on road, and when off-road, its a true devil to watch. This fat boy is also very tall which makes it’s personality even more imposing on the road.                  









2.Tata Safari, a definite head turner from Tata Motors. Though it may not be tall enough for a regular SUV, the enginerrs at Tata have made sure that they make it count, the Safari has a very imposing stance and it is almost impossible for a normal eye to miss a safari crossing it.

red mahindra XUV 500

Red cheetah the new XUV 500



3.Mahindra XUV500, the new kid in the block which released with a lot of hype & hoopla was arunaway success. The cheetah type design gives it an aggressive look.It is a international design.

black honda accord on road




4.Honda Accord, the luxury D+ segment sedan has a mark of its own in terms of styling & road presence. It has a long wheel base making the car very long.

white scorpio in desert

Mighty and muscular scorpio




5.Mahindra Scorpio, the macho man. The Scorpio has always stood for power right from the day of its release. You can blindly admit that 9/10 people travelling in a scorpio must be the local big shots.

Black ford endeavour

Most adored Ford SUV





6.Ford Endeavour, the big boy from Ford has a good stance giving it a dominating road presence. Though it lacks the curves & muscles like other cars, it does make it count by the boldness in its front 3 views.




Honda civic silver color

Civic it drives you

7.Honda Civic, the entry level D segment sedan has always been a car made for the youth. It stands for style. Also this is the best modification-friendly car in the whole world, well, a well modified civic is really a treat for the eyes to watch.

8.Mistubishi Pjaero,the two color exterior and a air scoop in the front and a perfect car for off road in India.It may not sell well but it is regarded as the car for MLA’s and Ministers.

9.Toyota Camry, the Chauffeur driven car. This car might not be a fun to drive car unlike the others mentioned in the list but is sure a one to watch. It has a plain vanilla design with a decent character & good build quality and a well designed bonnet which gives it a classy look.

10.An ambassador with a govenment number plate, well the baap of all the DADAgiri cars mentioned away. An ambassador with a red/blue light on top of it does have a lot of charishma inspite of its outdated plain vanilla looks.

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