Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR 2008 Moto GP bike

The Kawasaki Ninja ZX- RR was a series of Grand prix racing Motor cycles produced by Kawasaki till 2008.After the team was unsuccessful from the beginning of the team in  2002 when the team entered Moto GP and  upto 2008 there were only reached second place three times and third place only one time.The riders claimed and blamed the Ninja ZX-RR are difficult to ride.It was a factory Moto GP bike which was stopped production in 2008 and production of spare parts for the bike for other teams that use Ninja ZX-RR was stopped in 2009.


The design of the bike is no secret it clearly resembles the present day road going Ninja’s and the green color is used which is also sysnonymous with the present road going Ninja bikes.Although the bike is not so successful one could clearly say that the ZX-RR had created a image for Kawasaki Ninja’s as stylish looking sports bikes.The bike has a larger air scoop in the front with a relatively larger windshield. The distance between the handle bar and the rider seat is more than other Moto GP bikes.The fuel tank is made from two pieces.Ninja is engraved in blac letters in the front half of the fuel tank.The bike has a nice combination of back and green sticker work along with the sponsorer  stickers.The full body is of  carbon fibre.The dry weight without fuel was 148 kgs.


The displaement of the bike is 800 cc.The engine is a four stroke Inline Four cylinder engine with four valves per cylinder all the other Moto GP bikes used V-4 configuration as it is wel suited for racong.The Valves are controlled by DOHC pneumatic system.The bike employs a wet sump Lubrication.The final drive is by chain and the a multi-plate slipper clutch combined with a six speed cassette type Gear box.The engine produced horsepower in excess of 200 hp and the Akrapovic exhaust is made up from Titanium with a four-into-two-into-one.The electronic fuel injection takes control of the fuel delivery according to varying acceleration.The bike can reach a top speed in excess of 300 Kph.

Chassis and Supsension:

The chassis frame is made p from Aluminium twin-spar which is also seen in other Moto GP bikes except Ducati which employs a different configuration.The front suspension is Ohlins inverted telescopic forks with the rear accompained by a Ohlins Uni-trak Mono shock suspension. Despite having a good suspension and chassis configuration the bike lac a front end feeling and rear traction on corner exit.

Wheels,Tyres and Brakes:

the Moto GOP bikes have a 16.5 “ configuration front and rear tyres this bike no different and has the same configuration of 16.5 ” inch wheels.As all The tyres used were from Bridgestone and the compounds selected have not performed well for the Ninja ZX-RR.The brakes are four piston Brembo Mono bloc calipers with two discs of 320 mm diameter each and the rear with a 200 mm stee disc with two piston caliper.

Dimensions :

Wheel Base: 1,460 mm

Over all length: 2,080 mm

seat height: 850 mm

Fuel tank capacity : 21 Litres

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