2012 Moto GP Rider’s championship Battle

The top riders of Moto GP one of these people will definitely get the crown in 2012


The Battle for the 2012 Moto GP championship heats up as there some more riders to compete with the four Moto GP aliens.The four so called aliens Casey Stoner,Jorge Lorenzo,Dani Pedrosa and Valentino Rossi.In 2011 Casey Stoner came on top with the Honda RC 212 V and followed by Jorge Lorenzo on the Yamaha M1 2012 in second place and Dani Pedrosa In fourth place on Honda RC 212 V and Valentino Rossi had a poor season with the Ducati  Desmosedici GP 11 and finishing with seventh place.There are three more competitors to the four in the 2012 season.They are Andrea Dovizioso who finished third in 2011 with the factory Honda RC 212 V and Ben spies finishing fifth on the factory Yamaha factory M1 and Nicky Hayden along with Rossi had a poor season finishing in seventh place with the Desmosedici GP 11.we are going to speculate on the riders strengths and defects and evaluate the winning chances.

moto gp riders in their 2011 teams and leathers

Moto Gp riders on their 2011 Moto GP machines

1.Casey Stoner – Repsol Honda 

He finished first in 2011 season of  Moto GP by a margin of 90 points over Jorge Lorenzo.The Australian rider is known as the only one who can control the unpredictable  nature of the Desmosedici GP  Moto Gp machine.He has a very high corner speed and is aggressive in entering and leaving the corners.He accelerates quickly and is aggressive on the track.And the reports are that the RC 213 V 2012 Honda Moto GP machine is way ahead of competitors and Casey Stoner is satisfied with the bike and praised Honda for the new Moto GP machine.It is quite evident that he has no problems with the RC 213 V and is all set for the 2012 Moto GP.Some critics say that his wins are because of the tyres and Machines he used but after the failure of Rossi with the Desmosedici the critics had nothing to say against Casey Stoner.



2.Jorge Lorenzo -Yamaha Factory Racing

He finished behing Casey Stoner in second place he is not aggressive as Casey Stoner in turns but  he accelerates quickly.The spanish rider  was offered a 15 million dollar deal to leave Yamaha and join Ducati to replace Nicky Hayden in the Ducati factory team but he rejected the offer and stayed with Yamaha in 2010 and until now.He rides the factory Yamaah M1 2012 which is a tough competitor for the Honda RC 213 V.










3.Andrea Dovizioso-Yamaha Tech 3 from 2012

The Italian rider finished with a third place in 2011 with RC 212 V and had now moved to Yamaha tech 3 and from 2012 he will ride the Yamaha M1 2012 Moto GP machine.He has rejected an offer for riding the Factory Honda RC 213 V.he was yet to win a championship in Moto GP he was aiming for a win this time.









4.Valentino Rossi- Ducati Corse 

The Italian rider after having the worst season of his carrier in 2011.The rider still has trust in his home team the Ducati and says he will extend his contract with Ducati for two more seasons and also he mentions that he need to bring in success for the team.Rossi felt happy with the new 2012 Desmosedici GP 12.In 2011 he was uncomfortable with the Desmosedici GP 11 and was complaining about the lack of response from the front end of the bike and the carbon tubular chassis was the main culprit.This time changes around with the Desmosedici GP 12 and Valentino Rossi’s satisfaction with the new bike can mean his come back in 2012 if all things went properly for the Italian Moto GP legend.


5.Dani Pedrosa-Repsol Honda 

The Spanish rider finished with a fourth place in 2011 Moto GP and is going to ride the RC 213 V in 2012 which is a proven racing machine and he was always competitive but was not successful in achieving the Moto GP title.He may have a chance in 2012.







6.Ben Spies- Yamaha Factory Racing

He raes for the Yamaha Factory racing with the factory Yamaha Bike Yamaha M1 2012.He  is nicknamed Elbowz because of his riding style in which his arms protrude outwards.His riding was improved year by year and seen him finish in fifth place in 2011 although he had not completed three races and did not start in one race in 2011.






7.Nicky Hayden-Ducati Corse 

After winning the championship in 2006 he never had a good standings in Moto GP and he aims for a comeback in 2012 with Desmosedici GP 12.The American rider is feeling the pressure from his fans in his home country and also the teams which he represent in Moto GP.In 2011 he finished in eigth place behind his team mate Valentino Rossi.

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