Innovations I would like to see in cars of the future

I always wondered why we the regular cars do not have features like those in a Batman, James Bond movie or some other Hollywood movie. This made me write this article about some features which I would like to see in cars of the future. With the technology advancements of today, I don’t think most of them would be impossible. However, these are just my imaginations, they may not be practically feasible but however do sound interesting.

P.S. If anyone copies these ideas please send me my share for copying my idea :p

So, here’s the list:

1) Multi color Car Paint:

Just at example to show different colors, since the temperature would be constant across the body, the color would also be constant

We always want variety in our life. None of us like to be routine. At the same time changing your car color just for the sake of your eye fatigue is not economical. So why not there be some kind of paint made of a material which can change colors, say, based on temperature. With a change in temperature, the color also changes

OR even better, why not have a system where you can decide on which color your car should wear with the touch of a button.

2) Automatic High beam/ Low beam:

In a country like India, no one gives a damn switching to low beam for others to see clearly which results in many accidents during the night. So why not have a system which detects cars coming in the opposite direction & automatically switch the car lights.

3) Safety System:

The car can come equipped with a high tech safety system with which you cannot crash your car even if you wanted to. With such a system we need no airbags and all. This system can be designed is such a way that, there are sensors all around the car which constantly measure distances of obstacles & assist the driver. If the driver fails to take action, then they can automatically initiate breaking. Also, it can have a system where the car starts only after you insert a valid driver’s license so that it’s impossible to steal your car & at the same time avoids some rich spoilt under aged kids or people with expired or banned license use the car.

4) Standardization:

During my in mechanical engineering, I have heard a lot about standardization, the process by which you can get parts easily. Like you get nuts, bolts, tires, etc. of standard sizes & shapes. Why not apply the same to cars. The design & parts can be standardized. So that, you can choose any engine & any chassis based on your taste, like, you may want the engine of a Lamborgini Gallardo in the body of a Ferrari or any other car for that matter. This may seem too good to happen but this is just a vision.

5) Car key with LED’s

Often we (or atleast me)  park our cars in the parking, go a certain distance and wonder whether we locked our car or not. Although we have a automatic remote locking system, you need to get into the range to lock the car. So why not have two small red & green LED’s on the key. Red denotes unlocked & Green denotes locked. This does not involve any major cost as the LED’s are very cheap.

6) Self-repairing Body

We all love our cars, and hate & curse if anybody puts even a minor dent on the body. So why note have the car made of a metal which even though gets deformed by some force, regains its original shape. There are metals which when deformed return to their original shape when subjected to heat. So, there can be some sort of system which can heat the body internally with just the flick of a switch inside the car and abra ka dabra, your dent is gone.

6) Follow Me:

It is really frustrating to drive in traffic jams. So why can’t we have a car with a computer system with which you can just select the car in front of you and your cars follows it. This can also be helpful when you are travelling as a group of cars. Of course you might wonder why not get completely automatic cars? But, I guess that designing a car to follow another car might be a lot cheaper than designing a car that can drive by itself. What say?

7)  Speak of Luxury?

Any luxury car is associated with the kind of comfort the seats can provide. We have a wide range of beds, sofas, etc. which can adjust themselves based on our posture to make us feel the maximum level of comfortness. So why not put them into cars, a seat which can change its shape based on your personality & posture.

8) Magnetic Cars

Well, another safety method with which the accidents can be avoided 100%. Why not design cars which repel each other?   Simple enough but it does make a lot of sense. But yeah, you can crash your car on to a pedestrian or a tree if you want to

9) Talk to me:

Why not have a car that can talk to you. Yes, that’s possible, thanks to Apple & Steve Jobs for creating “Siri” in the Iphone 4S. Why not have a similar feature in your car. It would be a lot of help and also would decrease the driving fatigue during solo journey and is also an added safety. How cool would it be if you could just say “Siri can you please change the song track or mute the audio or give me the traffic update”

Any ideas/suggestions are welcome


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