Top 10 Upcoming SUV’s list

Mazda minagi red and mazda carHere goes the list of top 10 upcoming SUV’s some of them are due for release in 2012 and some may go further 2012 before release.The SUV market is  growing market segment and every auto manufacturer is trying to gain more share over the other and are releasing SUV’s more competitively in the market.This was not the scenario a decade ago were  we would see more car models are released than SUV’s and only quite few manufacturers were producing SUV’s but after realizing the growth of SUV segment every manufacturer is interested.Most of the manufacturers are shifting to green technologies in 2012.

10.Volkswagen Passat Alltrack

The Passat turns turns into a Family SUV

This SUV has an Volkswagen patented all wheel drive system and it is aimed at its sister brands Audi A4 all road.It has macho looks and raised stance.There are two variants manual and automatic the manual has a 138 hp output and the automatic ha a 168 hp output.





9.Ford Escape 2013

The 2013 model will be available for sale from spring 2012.This car has an option between front wheel drive and four wheel drive.The price is not yet revealed there are three engine choices 2.5 L Inline-4 Duratec naturally aspirating engine and 1.6 L and 2.0 L Ford Eco Boost Inline four cylinder  engines.The power out of the 2.5 l Duratec engine may remain the same as the 2012 Ford Escape.The Engine is mated to a six speed select shift automatic.

8.Mazda Minagi

It is based on SKYACTIV tehnology

This a Cross over between a SUV and a sedan it has Mazda SKYACTIV technologies.It has a SKYACTIV engine and transmission and also a SKYACTIV-Body and Chassis.This has  lower emission levels.The SUV is a symbolic expression of what other future generations are likely to be from Mazda which will have stronger emphasis on green cars.

silver Peugeot HR1 concept going by side of the hills

This crossover does not boast big muscle





7.Peugeot HR1

This is a Hybrid Cross over and has a three cylinder  1.2 litre THP petrol engine at the front and a electric motor at the rear both combinedly delivers 147 has a very low CO2 emissions of 80 g/km.



6.Hummer H4

brown color Hummer H4 coupe side view

It is a SUV Coupe

Though the oil prices all over the world are increasing Genera Motors which is in plans to sell the Hummer brand is unlikely to spend money on newer models but they are no buyers for hummer brands as manufacturing and marketing Hummer cars at rising gas prices is not a safe bet.So GM wants to attract buyers and make the Hummer brand a good choice for Automobile manufacturers for buying.So the H4 is a SUV coupe and which is the cheapest Hummer to attract more buyers.The SUV has a V-6 engine and is due for release in 2012.The fuel used is Gasoline (petrol).

Limited edition SUV

5.Jeep Grand Cherokee Blacked out version

The blacked out version of the Grand Cherokee is displayed in auto shows.The SUV has blacked out and has chrome touching’s to enhance the feel of the car.The Blacked out version i not yet named and the SUV will be a limited edition.It has the same power and output of a Grand Cherokee Laredo X.There is also a Red and black color combination.


4.Maserati Kubang

This car has an engine produced by Ferrari.It is not yet clear whether it is a V-8 or V-12.This SUV will have a 8-speed automatic transmission.The design of the car is beautiful and stunning Maserati payed close attention to every detail on  this car.The platform is based Jeep Grand Cherokee.




3.Jaguar SUV

This SUV crossover is not yet named and the production details and specifications of the car.But information through industry insiders it was said that the low end model will have 300 hp and the high end model will have 400 hp.It features a four wheel drive.This will directly compete against BMW X6 and Audi Q7.


2.Aston Martin Lagonda

The Lagonda is a four door sedan which was stopped production in 1990 and Aston Martin has brought the Lagonda back in a more rugged and SUV form.The SUV is built on Mercedes Benz GL-class platform and has a v-12 engine.The front projector head lamps and the front grill give the car a stunning look one could not stop to stare at the beauty of this SUV.And don’t be surprised if the SUV is launched as a hybrid as Aston has plans for a Hybrid engine for this car.The rear part of the car does not look good.This car has Four wheel drive and  may be in production in 2012.

1.Lamborghini Conquisto

The SUV power and torque outputs are not yet published.It is expected that the car will be less than two tonne weight.The car uses aluminium and Carbon fibre.It looks sporty and has the potential to attract customers.It may be built upon the Volkswagen MLB platform.

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