Bajaj Pulsar 200 Naked Sport

When Bajaj stopped the production of Pulsar 200 with the introduction of 220 Dts-SI every Pulsar fan thought that why did Bajaj Make such a decision when the 200 Pulsar is well received ? Some people speculated that it was to boost the sales of the new Pulsar 220 Dts-Si the fastest Indian.But no one had never expected that Pulsar 200 will be brought back again in a raw and naked form in the New 2012 Pulsar 200 Naked Sport form.The bike also gets an increase in power the previous bike used to generate around 18 horsepower and the new 2012 Pulsar 200 NS will be producing a massive 23 bhp and a healthy 18 Nm torque.What is more interesting is the price of the new bike it is said it would be priced below one lakh.This bike has a new Dts-i (Digital Triple Spark Ignition) engine.


This next Generation pulsar has a lot of changes and is planned for export to European countries.In Europe people prefer expensive and quality products.To match up with European standards of styling and technology Bajaj has teamed up with Austrian Bike maker KTM in which Bajaj holds 40 % percent stake.The design of the next-generation Pulsar is shared between Bajaj and KTM.while the KTM Duke 200 is a perfect  off roader this bike is for city commuting and as well as highway riding.The design of the bike is done keeping this things in mind.The new Pulsar Gets a compete redesign which was much-needed as the previous pulsars have shown of age when compared to other sports bikes like Yamaha YZF R15.The front headlight which was present on the pulsars for more than 7 years gets a Redesign although the old headlamp looks good  it shows its age and the replacement it comes in the smaller pulsar 135 LS and Bajaj had thought that the Pulsar headlight does not do the job on this bike  and redesigned the Headlight and the new one  looks awesome and adds to the naked style of the bike.There is a small covering over the headlight for speedometer and tachometer.the tank size is reduced to 12 Litres to accompany the engine.On the tank Pulsar and Bajaj Logo are present same like the ongoing pulsars.The fairings on the side of  tank are designed in a way such that they look they come from the tank itself.Under the tank there is air intake.The bike has a Steel Perimeter frame which is seen in sports bikes and first of its kind in India.The engine is in back color and the down part of the engine in which we fill the engine oil is in Gold color.The disc brake calipers are gold in color as well.The bike ahs front and rear Disc brakes both brakes are on the right side of the wheel.The front forks and alloy wheels are in Black color.Rear Mud guard is provided for the rear tyre also which is also seen on the Pulsar 135 LS.The Split seat design which is first seen in India in the Previous Generation Pulsar 200 is continued on this bike.The triple tree clip-on handle bar is raised and the seating position is more sporty.The tail part resembles the Pulsar 135 (the grab rail and the number plate holder looks the same).The pulsar does not get a much reduction in weight in its new form it weighs 145 kgs the previous pulsar 200 used to weigh around 148 kgs.The speedo console looks sporty.The bike has a muscular appeal than the likes of Yamaha FZ-16.The bike feels like a big sports bike from the front and a bit disappointing at the rear.The wheel base of the bike is 1363 mm.The bike has a ground clearance of 167 mm and the dimensions of the bike are Length X Height X width are 2017 mm X 1195 mm X 804 mm respectively.


The engine is a single Cylinder four stroke engine  with an SOHC (Single Over Head Cam shaft) configuration and integral Crankshaft with a displacement of 199.5 cc.The engine has four valves.The bore and stroke ratios are 72 mm X 49 mm.The engine is liquid cooled which is also the first Pulsar to be offered with liquid cooled system.The engine has a 33 mm UCD carburettor .The bike has three spark plugs and it is the first bike that uses three sparks a normal bike uses a single spark .The engine produces a massive 23.5 Bhp at 9,500 rpm and a torque of 18 Nm at 8,000 rpm.The fuel tank is reduced in size to 12 litres to accommodate the bigger engine of this bike.The bike is not fuel Injected but the bike has a new ECU (Electronic Control Unit) which controls the sparks independently.The gear box is six speed where as the previous is five speed.The bike has a claimed top speed of 136 Kilometres per hour.The bike can reach 0-60 in 3.6 seconds  0-100 in 9.83 seconds.The mileage of the bike is expected at around 50-55 while riding at 55 Kmph.Bajaj Patented Exhaust TEC silencer is used and is present under the engine like the new KTM Duke 200 to enhance the Centre of gravity of the bike.Paper element type air filter is used.

Wheels,Tyres and Brakes:

The bike has 2.5 X 17″ Black alloy wheels on the front and 3.5 X 17″ on the rear with 10 spokes and it is a new and different design.

The tyres are speculated to be supplied by MRF and the bike features tubeless tyres at the front 100/80-17 inch 52 P and at the rear 130/70 61 P   both are  tubeless tyres the bike can travel a certain distance before the tyre losses the air.

The bike has brakes on the front and rear both the disc brakes are Petal disc brakes with floating calipers both of which are fitted on the right hand side of the wheel.The front disc brake is 280 mm and the rear is 230 mm.The bike has a braking distance of 16.33 meter when both brakes are applied and from a speed of 60-0 km/h.

Chassis and Suspension:

The chassis employed on this bike is Pressed steel perimeter frame which offers nice handling and comfort.The front is accompained by 37 mm telescopic forks with Anti friction bush.And the rear gets a new comer in the form of Nitrox Mono Shock suspension with gas canister..The bike has a Aluminium swing arm which is seen on high end bikes.


The previous edition pulsars were criticized by media and bikers as the previous pulsars are not well handled.The new under belly exhaust had helped  bike handling and now it handles  better than the previous Pulsar’s with the new low centralized Centre of Gravity and the addition of mono shock suspension and the raised position of the triple tree clip on handle bars ensure a sporty riding position and as well as better handling in curves.

Ride Comfort:

It is a small sport bike and the riding posture is also sporty to reduce aerodynamic drag.So one needs to adjust to the new seating position on this bike.The pillion foot pegs are also positioned high.The seat height is at 805 mm so it is best suitable for taller persons.

Price and Availability:

The exact price of the bike is not specified and it is said that it will cost less than a lakh show room price and the New Pulsar 200 NS will be available from April 2012.

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