KTM Duke 200

It is a perfect On road/Off road Bike

KTM is an Austria company whose Motorcycles are well-known for Endurance racing.With the growing passion among the Indian for sporty bikes and Bajaj Auto’s 40 % share in KTM had made the Austrian company  enter the Indian market and their first offering in Indian Market is the Duke 200.The Duke 200 is a Naked street bike which also has nice off roading characteristics.With its linear power delivery this bike is good for both city and highway.The bike is aggressively priced at an introductory price of 1,17,000.KTM duke will be sold through KTM stores which are previously Bajaj Pro-biking showrooms and now turned to KTM stores.Don’t worry Ninja owners the Ninja 250R and 650R will we sold in the KTM store and serviced.


The bike has a bold and Muscular design.Aggresiveness is present all over the design of the bike.Though the bike looks muscular it is light weight bike which weighs only  125 kg(without fuel) which is a need for off-road motorcycles.The fuel tank can hold 11 litres of fuel and the fuel tank is shaped aggressively to add look to the bike and also provides the rider with perfect knee contact.The front is a Headlight with a small windshield and a headlight Mask to enhance the naked look of the bike.The Duke written in capital letters covers more than half of the Fuel tank.The fork and headlight holder looks huge.The forks have a front crash pad which prevents the forks from getting damaged.It has a large under cowl which looks cool.The sporty split seat is a nice feature on this bike.The tail part which protrudes inwards make the bike look rugged and ready for endurance racing.The bike is the best looking naked street bikes available in India.The under the seat exhausts are first of a kind in India.The front Disc brake is present on the left hand side of the wheel and the rear disc brake on the right side of the wheel which makes the braking configuration a bit different from those seen on Indian Bikes.The front air intake under the fuel tank is uncovered usually in sports bikes they cover the air intake partially and looks more muscular than the bike.The design of the 10-spoke alloy wheels is fascinating for true bikers.Sporty rear Mud guard is present on the bike.The digital speedometer has an indicator Neutral and some warning lights and the digital meter has the features like fuel consumption and remaining fuel.The official color of KTM is orange and the digital speedometer is illuminated in orange color.The handle bars are not clip-on handle bars KTM refrained from using Clip-on handle bars as they add up weight to the bike.More attention is taken to reduce the un sprung weight on the bike and the Handle bar is an example for that.The engine which is at 810 mm is good for both secure standing position and as well as high enough sport riding offering the big bike feel for the Duke.The gorund clearance is 170 mm.

Engine and Transmission:

The bike has a Four stroke single cylinder liquid cooled spark ignited Engine with a displacement of 200 cc.The Bore X stroke ratio are 72 mm X  49 mm.The engine has four valves and the four valves are controlled by a more reliable and powerful DOHC (Double Over Head Camshaft) Configuration.The engine lubrication is a different one which is not seen in Indian Bikes it is forced oil lubrication with a rotor pump.The engine is very smooth.The cooling system continuously circulates with cooling liquid with water pump.The ignition system is contact less fully electronic Ignition system with digital Ignition timing adjust it is the first of its kind in India.The engine produces a massive 25 Bhp at  10,000 rpm and  19.2 Nm of torque at 8,000 rpm.The bike has a six-speed claw shift type gear box mated to a mechanically operated clutch in oil bath.The clutch helps in making  gear changes easy while cruising at high speeds.The Top Speed of the bike is limited to 135 Km/h.It is done to ensure that the power is delivered linearly on this bike. ‘the final drive is chain and O’ ring chain is used.

Chassis and Suspension:

The chassis is a special chassis used in KTM endurance bikes and is regarded as the best chassis for endurance bikes.The frame is Tubular space frame which is made up of steel tubes this frame is also called as steel trellis frame and the frame is powder coated.The weight of the bike is grouped to the centre of gravity by the which maximizes manoeuvrability and precise handling.

The front suspension is Upside down fork supplied by WP suspension has an outer tube diameter of 43 mm which is the same as that used on KTM RC8R 1200 cc sports bike.This shows KTM’s commitment towards the Duke 200.And at the rear the Mono shock absorber is also suppleied by WP suspension.The Alloy Die-cast Swing arm is derived from Duke 690 and the swing arm directly links to the rear shock absorber providing with torsional stiffness and tracking stabiity.

Tyres,Wheels and Brakes:

The front tyre is of 110 mm diameter and the rear tyre is very huge with a 150 mm configuration offering maximum grip for the bike.The tyres are very durable and offer optimum feedback in both wet and dry conditions.The tyres are tubeless.

The wheels are both 17 inch and with 10 spokes and are made from cast light.

The brakes in the front and rear are both disc brakes and the front disc brake with a 280 mm diameter with 4 piston floating calipers is the most powerful braking system in the country.And the rear disc brake is 230 mm with single piston and floating caliper.

Performance and Handling:

The liquid cooled engine is very smooth even at high speeds the decision of KTM to limit the top speed to 135 kilometre per hour and increasing the power delivery through out the acceleration had an major impact on this bike.This bike offers has loads of performance on the busy city streets as well as on the highway.The proven frame design which groups the un sprung weight to the CG of the bike had enabled the bike to pass through in and out of the corners very comfortably and at high speeds too.The front end offers feedback when driving through corners.This bike has inspiring handling abilities that would make every one who buys this bike will twist through the corners at high speeds once in a while atleast.


Only Orange color Duke 200 is shown in the aunch event of the bike.But going with the tradition of KTM bikes a Black color version is also to be made available sooner.

Pricing and Availability:

The bike is aggressively priced at rupees 1,17,000 Ex-showroom Delhi.The booking amount is 30,000 rupees.Delivery date has not yet been confirmed.

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