Yamaha RD 350

Naked 350 cc bike from Yamaha

Yamaha had announced the plans to reintroduce the old Yamaha RD 350 which was one of the most powerful bikes in 1970’s by the end of 2013.The bike  produced 45 bhp at the crankshaft and  around 35 hp at rear wheel.Those days the Yamaha RD 350 was 2 stroke although there were four-stroke models the two-stroke models of the RD 350 were well received.But for the new bike with the new European Union Emission 3 standards manufacturing a two stroke with emission standards is a whole lot of money to be invested as two-stroke technologies are not used these days and the technologies haven’t developed as they are not used.So Yamaha will go with a four stroke engine for the bike.The bike is a true naked bike with emphasis on city commuting and joyful highway riding.Yamaha plans to create a new segment for the bike and also the bike is a direct competitor to Honda CB 300R in Brazil and also a competitor to KAwasaki Ninja 250R although the Ninja and Rd 350 are in different class it could give Ninja run for the money with its looks and styling.


The bike has a muscular look and feel.The fuel tank is made up of two piece and the front side fairings under the fuel tanks raise up to the fuel tank and form a part of the fuel tank in the front.The panels have Yamaha Branding and Logo.The Headlight with a headlight mask on the sides shows the muscles.The 6 spoke alloy wheels are twisted in shape and are available in black color.The exhaust is positioned under the engine to enhance the centre of gravity for the bike.The silencer is made from stainless steel.The rear split seat with elevation for the pillion shows the sportiveness of the bike.The open chain which is the craze among the youth is also present.The bike has a ‘O’ ring chain.Rear Mud guard is not present on this bike.The rear number plate is made from Carbon-fibre.Judging by the looks the rear tyre looks huge  Yamaha did not reveal the specifications of the tyres or any other things on the bike.The Disc brakes are allocated on the front and rear with the front Dis brake on the left side of the wheel and the rear dis brake on the right hand side of the wheel.The front disc brake looks huge.The speedometer is integrated into the headlight and the windscreen is too small to be noticed.The silencer’s have under cowl to protect from mud.The whole engine is in white color.The bike has Delta Box frame and monoshock suspension linked with the rear swing arm.RD 350 is engraved on side panel which carries the air filter.


The specualtion of the engine are as follows:It would be a four stroke single cylinder liquid cooled engine with a displacement of 350 cc and the engine has four valves with DOHC configuration.The crossplane crankshaft seen in Yamaha YZF R1 will make its way into the bike.The bike will be targeted at Learners class in Europe so it will have a maximum of 32 bhp and the torque figures are not known.The silencer will be free flowing to improve the performance of the bike.the final Drive is chain.

Ride Quality:

the bike with 32 bhp power and a free flowing exhaust is a fun to ride on the city and highways and is tourer bike rather than a track oriented sports bike.The seating position is more relaxed and forgiving the bike dives into corners very quickly and with the large rear tyre holds on to the road without shaking and skidding.

Price and Availability:

Yamaha had not yet decided the price although it might be priced competitively against the like of Ninja 250 R and Honda CB 300R.the availability of the bike s from the starting of january 2014 as the model goes into production in late 2013.


there are three colors available


Red and



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