Top 10 Naked 125 cc bikes

Here we bring you the top 10 naked 125 cc bikes available around the globe.125 cc bikes are mostly popular in Europe because of the European Motorlaws for 16-18 years youth can only ride a 125 cc bike.And a car license holder can ride a 125 cc motorbike without two wheeler licence.The bikes have a maximum of 11 kw.These bikes can also be termed as street bikes

10.Kymco Quannon Naked 125

It is the naked version of the Kymco Quannon 125 faired version.The engine is a four stroke single cylinder which produces 9.6 kW(12.8 hp) at 10,000 revolutions per min(rpm) and 9.9 Nm torque at 8,000 rpm.The bike has disc brakes on both the front and rear tyres.The tyres are tubeless.The front tyre diameter is 110/80 and the rear tyre is 140/70 with both tyres 17 ” configuration.Fuel tan cpacity is 13.5 litres.Its dry weight is 132 kg.




9.Csr NKT1

It is a heavy 125 cc machine which weighs 161 kg without any fuels.The bike has a single cylinder four stroke engine which is carburetted.It has both fornt and rear disc brakes.It has a large 18.5 litres fuel tank.This bike is the first bike to feature dual under seat exhausts in 125 cc category.



8.Keeway RKV 125

It has a single cylinder four stroke engine with two valves.It produces 11 hp at 11,000 rpm and 9.2 Nm at 7,500 rpm.This bike has front disc brake on the left side of the wheel and the rear on the right side of the wheel.The fuel tank capacity is 17 litres.The red disc brake floating calipers and the red lines on the side of alloy wheels and the red color rear suspension gives the RKV 125 a sporty naked look.




7.Suzuki Vanvan 125

This bike has a single cylinder 125 cc engine.The engine is four stroke with OHC configuration camshaft.The weight of the bike is 128 kgs.The fuel tank capacity is only 6.5 litres.The rear brake is drum and the front is disc.The tyres are not tube less.The exhaust is mounted very high on the side of the bike near to the height of the seat.The exhaust combined with a 130/80-18 and 180/80-15 front and rear tyres respectively make the bike feel huge muscular.The wheels are spoke wheels.

6.Motorhispania MH7

This bike has a single cylinder four stroke 125 cc engine.The fuel system is carburetted.The bike produces a maximum 14.6 hp at 9,000 RPM.The dry weight of the bike is 120 kg.The fuel tank capacity is 13.5 litres.The 10-spoke alloy wheels in black color and the front headlight give the bike a naked feel.




5.SYM Wolf SB125Ni

The wolf SB125Ni is a true naked bike which is not derived from a faired counterpart.It has a four stroke air cooled engine.The fuel tan volume is 13 litre.The dry weight of the bike is 155 kg.It has a 5 speed gear box.The huge side exhaust,the tank fairings and the front headlight gives the bike a muscular feel.







4.Megelli 125 S

It is the naked version of the faired Megelli 125 R.The engine is ceramic coated four stroke single cylinder engine.The engine produces 11 hp at 8,500 RPM and 9.0 Nm torque at 7,500 RPM.The total dry weight of the bike is only 110 kgs.It uses a 5 speed gear box.T6 Aluminium trellis with forger dropouts give the bike a racing feel.The star alloy wheel and the air intake fairings boost the muscle of the bike.

3.Hyosung GT 125

This bike is a V-twin and has four valves per cylinder which total up to 8 valves controlled by DOHC camshaft configuration.The bike is oil cooled.The bike has both front and rear disc brakes.The split seat and the rear split grab rails give the bike a sporty look while the front headlight and large outer diameter forks with 6 spoke alloy wheels shows the masculinity of the bike.The bike produces a maximum of 14.2 hp at 10,500 RPM.The dry mass of the bike is 166 kgs.



2.KTM Duke 125

The KTM duke 125 is a naked bike which is good for both street riding and as well as city riding.It can be ridden off road too.It has state of the art technology on this bike.The engine is liquid cooled single cylinder four stroke engine which produces 15 hp.The engine is mated to a six speed claw shift gearbox.The dry weight of the bike is 125 kg.





1.Cagiva Raptor 125

The Raptor 125 is the naked version mito SP 525.The Raptor is the big boy of 125 cc naked bikes.This bikes huge and stylish.The bike has a single cylinder two stroke engine which is mated to a six speed gear box.The clutch is wet multi plate.The engine produces a peak power of  11 hp and 14 Nm torque.the bike has a fuel tank capacity of 13 litres.The dry weight of the bike is 125 kg.

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