Bajaj Pro-Biking showrooms turn into KTM stores

Bajaj had turned their Pro-Biking showrooms which are meant for sales and servicing of bikes with 200 cc and more displacement. into KTM stores.Pro-Biking showrooms were first started in India in 2005.At that time Bajaj declared that only bikes with displacement starting from 200 cc and above which are from Bajaj or there partners will be sold through pro-biking showrooms and serviced.When the Pro-biking showrooms were first started they were no 200 cc displacement bikes from Bajaj for some time they displayed 180 cc Avenger and 180 cc pulsar in the showrooms.In 2007 Bajaj had introduced Bajaj pulsar 200 Dts-i in the Indian market and after the Launch of the 200 cc pulsar Bajaj made the pro-biking showrooms exclusive only for bikes starting from 200 cc and removed the Avenger 180 and Pulsar 180 from the pro-biking stores.What made Pro-Biking showroom’s so special ?

In Pro-Biking showrooms Bajaj had started the tradition of hanging the bikes front wheel which was a hot topic those days.What this gimmick of hanging bikes in the Pro-biking showrooms meant was they were advertised by word of mouth freely by the public discussing about the hanging of the bikes is pro-biking showrooms.Every one who is in Management field does know the value of word of mouth publicity.Also the sight if the hanging bikes was quite a pleasure to watch.

The Pro-Biking showrooms have a roller bench on which a bike is placed one can test ride the bike digitally.You can see the torque and power curves with the help of the roller bench while accelerating the bike this kind of digital test riding was new in India at that time for motorcycles these type of digital testing is available for cars at that time.At first Bajaj planned for Dyno testing at every pro-biking showroom but as dyno testing platform is too costly Bajaj has turned to roller benches.

Bajaj had displayed various bike parts in Pro-Biking showrooms the sales representative was well educated to explain about the features of the bike.

They are the first of its kind this was also an advantage as every one knows who ever starts first will have an advantage if the plan was a success and also disadvantage if things doesn’t work out.

The transition of Pro-Biking showrooms into KTM what does it mean for fellow bikers?

Previous Pro-biking showroom turned into KTM store

Now the KTM stores will have Bikes from KTM which are released in India at present the Duke 200.And the Kawasaki Ninja 250R and 650R will be featured in KTM stores.Bajaj bikes which are previously marketed exclusively through pro-biking showrooms the pulsar 220,Avenger 220 and the recently launched pulsar 200 NS will be available at any Bajaj dealer but not in KTM stores.Bajaj also said they would add 34 new KTM stores in India this means that KTM bikes have more service points and availability of KTM bikes increases.Bajaj already has 32 pro-biking stores which turned into KTM and  40 service centers.

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