Hero Moto Corp joins hands with EBR

Erik Buell shaking hands with Hero Managing Director

Hero Moto Corp India’s and also world’s  largest two wheeler manufacturer had joined hands with EBR from America.It comes as a surprise to Indian auto enthusiasts who thought Hero might join hands with Suzuki.EBR is previously Buell motorbikes but Harley Davidson had the ownership rights to the Buell brand name so the Buell company founder Erik Buell named his new company as Erik Buell Racing.EBR with the Launch of 1190 RS had proved the potential of EBR.The 1190 RS is a limited edition bike only 100 will be made.1190 RS is based upon Buell 1125R.

What is the Deal ?

A symbol of sportiness

Remember it is not a Joint Venture where both the partners have a share in one company like the Hero and Honda Joint Venture.It is a deal in whih Hero Moto Corp will fund EBR for developing new motorcycles and technologies that could be incorporated in Hero Moto Corp vehicles as well as EBR motorcycles.

Who wil benefit more from this ?

Hero Moto Corp which has cash on reserve doesn’t have a solid R&D department with the Indian market demand is increasing towards high end performance bikes Hero needs a strong team of R&D which had experience in building performance bikes.Previously with the aid of Honda R&D hero had launched motorcycles.So Hero i definitely going to be benefitted from EBR R & D.Erik Buell in synonymous with Buell bikes he built many exotic high end sports bikes like the Buell 1125R.

For EBR which currently has only 20 workers aid from a company like Hero Moto Corp to build new motorcycles and incorporate new technologies.Erik Buell can build more sports bikes than they had built when he was under Harley Davidson.

With the Indian market competition heating up with he launch of KTM bikes and Ducati monster 795 which is tailor made for India.The Move by Hero seems strategical.There are rumours floating around the internet about the launch of 250 cc and 600 cc bikes with the help of EBR in India by the end of 2012.




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