Yamaha YZF R125 Racing bikes

Yamaha R125 is used in some racing series we bring you the livery of  Yamaha R125 bikes used in racing series from Yamaha factory team and also  including and some bikes are not sponsored by factory Yamaha team.

1.Yamaha Factory racing bike:

This bike is sponsored by Factory Yamaha team and is represented in Yamaha blue color.The white alloy wheels are Forged aluminium and weighs less than those seen on Yamaha R125 street bikes.The factory Yamaha R125 co sponsor is Malossi and Malossi has a private team which also uses R125 for racing.The electronics of the bike almost remain same with sight changes.The exhaust is a different one.

2.Malossi Racing Bike

Malossi who is a co sponsor of Yamaha factory team also races with its own version of R125 race bike.The Malossi race bike has a three tone orange,green and Yellow combination.The team uses the stock R125 with very less modifications.



3.Yellow R125 Racing bike:

Not sure about the Team which this bike races for but the bike feels a bit huge on the paddock stands.




4.Poly 26 racing bike:Yamaha YZF R125 racing bike opn paddock stand

This bike is in violet coor which is a rare coour in racing bikes as well as street bikes.Lot of people including myself violet color doesn’t look good but after seeing this violet color racing bike my opinion has changed because of its looks it looks simple and also feels special.


5.Black color racing bike:

Not sure about the team.But this black R125 with yellow lines is not so special but deserves a place here because of the fact that black colr racing R125 bikes are rare.




6.Poly 26 Orange racing bike:

another Poly 26 racing bike.Poly 26 loves to design the racing bikes in new colors and they had sponsored the Orange R125 racing bike.

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