Ecosee Spirit ES1 a Formula 1 Inspired Superbike

Ecosee spirit ES1 on display

This bike looks like a futuristic Electric Concept bike

Have you ever wondered about a bike that can beat a Formula 1 racing car ? Then there is an answer for you from the likes of Titanium cruiser bike maker Ecosee Motor works.Ecosee bikes are meant only for the elite few and this new bike the Ecosee Spirit ES1 which is awaiting production.With a starting price of $300,000 and maximum price at $1.5 million is not different from those costly cruiser bikes offered by Ecosee.The American cruiser motorbike manufacturer move to produce a new super bike from the ground up is a surprising decision.You may ask why ? The reason is Ecosee has an established brand value as a premium cruiser bike maker who are well-known for using exotic materials like titanium for their bikes.Titanium is rarely seen on other bikes.The reason for not using Titanium more is the fact that Titanium is pricey than Aluminium and magnesium which are mostly used on bikes.

The bike produces 200 hp and weighs only 120.5 kg given the weight to power ratio 1.65:1 this means that for every kg of the bike the bike produces 1.65 hp.This would best the Formula 1 car (weight 640 kg and power 900 hp) which has a power to weight ratio of 1.40:1.For Moto GP bikes weight 153 kg and power 240 hp this equates to 1.56:1.So these figures clearly indicate that the Ecosee Spirit ES1 can match up with an Formula 1 car.

The bike is the world’s lightest(it weighs only 265 pounds (120.5 kgs),fastest (240 mph),best handling and most Aerodynamic super bike.

This bike will be a limited edition only producing 10 units and will form the base for other super bikes to come from Ecosee in the future.This bike is purely meant for track use but also will be street legal.The move came as a surprise because a company which previously doesn’t have super bikes in its line up trying to attain a foot hold in the segment with less experience started working on a bike which could revolutionize the super bike segment.

Concept ketch of Ecosee spirit ES1

This is the concept sketch of the Ecosee spirit ES1 without a headlight.

This bike is developed by the combination of Colarado(USA) based Ecosee and Formula 1 car designers from England Richard Glover and Andy le Fleming.The makers had captioned the bike as F1 on two wheels.

Design and Aerodynamics:

The design was mostly inspired from Formula 1 race cars with much emphassis on reducing weight and improving Aerodynamics.The engineers of this bike thought that the technology of the bikes have increased but the aerodynamics have stagnated.So they put more effort on reducing air drag and also less weight will add to the nimble and sporty handling of the bike as the main focus of the bike is for track use.The frontal area of the bike is reduced to reduce air drag.The Hub-centre steering can be considered as brave enough by the maker as many companies have failed to properly utilize the hub steering.The bike has 50% reduction in total drag.For most of the traditional super bikes the front is aero dynamic with the stream lined front fairings but the rear air drag is not taken into consideration but for the ES1 as aerodynamics matter a lot they want to have streamlined at the rear so they had fully closed the rear wheel and the lower tuck position of the rider increasing the Aero dynamic nature of the bike.

The front of the bike has dual projector headlamps and a medium sized air intake under the head lights the front of the bike feels a bit huge than the traditional super bikes.As the fairing is mounted onto the engine the tank also merges with the fairing and to reduce drag the seating position for the rider is employed more aerodynamically and streamlined.

Overall the bike looks like a futuristic electric bike for the first glance.


The engine is a 1000 cc Patented inline four engine which makes 200 hp at the crankshaft.The top speed of the bike is claimed to be 230 mph (370 Kph).The Exhausts are present under the engine to improve the center of gravity of the bike.The weight is distributed as 40% front and 60% rear.The fuel consumption of the bike will be benefited from the less weight and aero dynamic nature of the bike even at very high speeds.The 20% reduction in frontal area when compared to a traditional 1000 cc bike this equates to 26% increase in top speed.

The final drive is chain and it features an unusual design with five sprockets a jack shaft atop the swing arm drives sprocket offset to turn a conventional rear wheel sprocket.

Frame and Suspension:

The bike does not have a frame the fairings and the tan along with the handle bars are mounted on to the engine.You might consider that this bike was built like Ducati 1199 Panigale which also has engine as the frame but this is entirely different from that seen on the Ducati.The engine frame design is inspired from Formula 1 in pursuit of reducing the weight and also the aerodynamics of the bike.

The suspension used on the bike uses torsion bars against the mostly used coil springs on both front and rear.The front Double wishbone suspension which forms part of the hub steering of the bike is very slim helping in reducing weight.The dampers are from Formula 1.The front and rear and rear suspensions are made from carbon fiber to reduce weight.

The carbon fibre swing arm has an unusual design which has a centrally mounted counter shaft allowing the rider to be seated in a more tight position with his feet.

Handling and riding position:

riding position on Ecosee spirit ES1

Ecosee spirit ES1 Aero dynamic riding position

With the Hub centered steering it is sometimes hard to handle the bike but with the tight seating position and improved aero dynamics this bike can prove that hub steering cannot do well.The bike with its aero dynamic posture while riding is most suitable for track days rather than on city roads.


The price of the bike starts from $300,000 and goes all the way up to $1.5 million for the high spec model.If you are considering this price as high then you may want to know the price of a Moto GP bike would be around $5 million(Although not legal to be used on streets).


This bike is for the elite few and this bike is not in reach of passionate bikers with low budgets.Sooner we will be able to see less expensive models in the future a this bike will form the base for other super bikes from Ecosee.So the best thing for a passionate biker is to wait for the future models from Ecosee.

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