Mclaren MP4-12C Formula 1 inspired road going sports car

Orange color Mclaren MP4-12C  front view

Mclaren MP4-12C Successor of Mclaren F1

It is an evolution from the previous generation Mclaren F1.From the engine to the aero dynamics this car is inspired by Formula 1.Mclaren were so obsessed with weight savings on this car in every department.The car is priced at $ 229,000.


The car was mostly inspired from its Formula 1 counterpart.The car is a two seater coupe with Dihedral doors (butter wing (or) Gull wingdoors).The rear exhausts are mounted into the chassis high to ensure minimum usage of pipes to reduce the weight of the car and also helped Mclaren to create a large diffuser at the rear.The front projector headlamps add to the look of the car.The dual side air scoops on either side of the car gives the car a muscular feel and also provides with down force.The rear spoiler which is integrated into the design of the car also act as air brake for the car.The car has a mid mounted engine which is visible from the rear mirror of the car.The total weight of the car is 1301 kg.

Performance figures:Mclaren MP4-12C with doors open

The car can reach 0-124 mph in 9.1 seconds.The quarter mile time is 10.9 seconds at a speed of 134 mph.


The chassis is made from carbon fibre composites.The chassis is Single unit Carbon MonoCell which is used in Formula 1 cars to reduce weight.The weight of the chassis is only 80 kgs.The production of the monocell chassis was outsourced to reduce time and costs for making the chassis.The chassis was made in a record breaking time of only 4 hours.Building Mono Cell hassis for an F1 car takes 3000 hours.

Engine and gear box:

The engine is mid-mounted Mclaren M838T 3.8 litre displacement with 8 cylinders arranged in V8 configuration.The engine is Twin turbo and compact in size  produces a maximum of 592 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque.The power train design is Bespoke design.The radiator is mounted alongside the engine to reduce the need for piping if the radiator was placed at the front.The side air scoops positioned aero dynamically direct the air into the radiator.The car has a top speed of 200 mph (320 km/h).The engine red lines at 7,000 rpm.

The gear box is 7 speed seamless shift Dual-clutch gearbox.The gear shifter is formula 1 inspired rocker shift and is positioned perfectly on the steering wheel.

Brakes and suspension:

Mclaren saved 2 kg of each brake by using forged Aluminium bell that bolts to the cast iron disc brakes.These brakes weigh less than optional carbon ceramic disc brakes.The MP4-12C brakes from 62 mph to 0 in 100 feet.The rear spoiler with three adjustable configurations acct as air brakes.The brake steer aid helps reduce traction and control over the car fro the driver.

The proactive suspension used accomplishes nice geometry and weight savings.The suspension dampers use the same hydraulic pump which is used for the steering making the hydraulic pump dual pupose and saving on weight.


The base model is priced at $ 229,000.

Future models:

Mclaren is in plans for introducing a convertible with a hard top and butter wing doors with the same top spped of Mp4-12C coupe version.


There are five colors available

1.White this car looks like the Koneseigg Agera in white color for the first look.


3.Orange it is the flagship color of Mp4-12c



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