Should there be a second innings for these cars?

The Tata Sierra, Ford Mondeo, GM Contessa, Tata Estate, etc. were cars that failed to capture the market when they were introduced into the Indian automobile market in the past decade but now the things have changed dramatically in the industry and so has the requirements of the customer. A contessa in very good condition was sold for 50k-60k 2 years back but today you can’t get one less than a lakh. People definitely love these cars but in my opinion, when they were released, the mindset of the people was different and so was the buying capacity. Indians always take time to adjust to any change, so is the case with the automobile sector. A few years ago, a luxury hatchback would never sell in India but today they do, so why not bring back the classics of the old decade and give them a re-birth?

Which cars would you love to see back on the road?

Here’s my list of the top 5 cars I would like to see:

1. Mercedes W124

A true Classic. This is the last true Mercedes and the current generations are no match to its pride. It is fast even by today’s standards. This car was built like a tank by true Mercedes standards and unlike the current gens filled with electronics, this is a simple trouble free mechanical machine. The ride quality and pride in owning a W124 is simply unmatchable. I would love to see this car begin its second innings.

2. Tata Estate

This car was released when Tata Motors was in its initial stages and the lack of inexperience showed up. Although the car was not so reliable and availability of parts was an issue, this car indeed was revolutionary. It has got acres of space and is very comfortable. Would love to see this car with a 2.2litre engine that powers the Safari. Tata too has got a lot of maturity and they would sure not repeat the same mistakes again.

3. Ford Mondeo

A stunning car which was virtually killed by Ford due its high price and poor marketing strategy. Otherwise, this is a gem of a car with solid build quality and was always an enthusiast’s dream car. This would sure give the Accord, a run for its money. And yeah, it’s still a looker

4. Skoda Octavia

Skoda set its foot in India with the Octavia and it was a run away success. The Skoda brand grew in the glory of the Octavia. Inspite of its dreaded service, Skoda has its own set of fans due to this car. The current gen Laura isn’t the true successor and this would outsell the Laura if launched again. Not to forget the gem of an engine this car has and the amazing dynamics.

5. HM Contessa

The contessa with a minor facelift and a modern engine would be absolutely amazing to watch for. The enthusiasts are gonna love it. Even the old ones are in demand now although the performance isn’t that great just for the pleasure of owning it. It’s wide stance and sharp edges give this a muscle car kinda look.

This list doesn’t end with these 5 cars. There are many other cars worth considering like the Maruti Zen which I never liked but still it has got a huge fan following. Maruti Esteem, Chevy SRV, Padmini, Cielo, Qualis, etc. are some other cars which are worth a try.

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