Mclaren F1

Mclaren F1 is a sports car manufactured and sold by Mclaren Automotive.The car was first launched in 28 May 1992 in Monaco.The car was priced at $ 970,000 with the high price tag it became one of the world’s costliest car.Only 106 cars were manufactured and the production of the car was stopped in 1998.The car is a coupe with two seat and three seat configurations.Although the car was designed in 1992 and production ended in 1998 this car remains the world’s fastest naturally aspirated engine production car in the world till today.The Mclaren F1 is succeeded by Mclaren Mp4-12C a Formula 1 inspired car.The car was the world’s fastest car when it was launched.


The car was introduced in 1992 but the design of the car still looks futuristic.The design of this car was derived from XP1.The car has gull wing door which will open vertically.The car uses carbon fibre Monocoque chassis.The front has an air scoop to let air into the radiators.There are pair of dual headlights at the front which look bold and fits with the design lines of the car and the turn indicators are present under the headlights.There are air intakes under the turn indicators.The car ha a side luggage compartment.The car has flowing lines on the sides and a rear spoiler to produce down force for the car.The design of the car is aerodynamic and it is way better than super cars we see today in 2012 the drag coefficient of Mclaren F1 is 0.32 while that of the present day Bugatti Veyron Grand sport world’s fastest production car has a drag coefficient of 0.36 and SSC  Ultimate Aero TT which is the second fastest production car in the world has a drag coefficient of 0.357.This shows the engineering prowess of the designers of this car.


Mclaren wanted a engine derived from Formula 1 and approached Honda with the idea and Honda was not interested in the project.Then Toyota were entering into Formula 1 at that point of time and was willing to develop the engine for Mclaren F1 but the designers did not want to use a un proven engine.Finally the designers of F1 opted for BMW M engine.The engine is naturally aspirated engine with 6.1 l (6100 cc) displacement.The engine uses 12 cylinders banked at 60 degree angle in V12 configuration.It has four vaves per cylinder with VVT (Variable Valve Timing) to control the valves.The Bore X Stroke ratio is 86 mm X 87 mm.The cam carriers, covers, oil sump, dry sump, and housings for the camshaft control are made of magnesium castings.The engine output is 618 hp at 7,400 rpm and produced 480 ft-lb torque at 5600 rpm.The engine red lines at 7,500 rpm.The naturally aspirated engine has a compression ratio of 11:1.The car has a top speed of 240 mph (390 km/hr) with Rev limiter removed.

Gear Box and Gear Ratios:

The Mclaren F1 has a Transverse 6-speed manual gear box with carbon triple-plate clutch.It is a pateneted gear box with limited slip Differential (LSD) having a 40% lock.

1 st Gear: 3.23:1

2 nd Gear: 2.19:1

3 rd Gear: 1.71:1

4 th Gear: 1.39:1

5 th Gear: 1.16:1

6 th Gear: 0.93:1

Final Drive: 2.37:1

Performance figures:

The car reaches to 0-60 mph (0-100 km/hr) in 3.2 seconds.and reaches a speed of 138 mph(222 km/hr) in quarter mile distance.The car reaches 200 mph in 28 seconds.

Tyres,Suspension and brakes:

The tyres are supplied by Michelin and Godd year specially made for the Mclaren F1.The tyres are mounted on the 5 spoke magnesium wheels.

The suspension is a double wish bone with an unconventional design.

The brakes are made by Brembo which are unassisted.The disc brakes are vented and cross drilled brakes the front disc brake is 332 mm and the rear disc brake is 305 mm.The disc brakes have four piston calipers.


  • Length  4288 mm
  • Width  1820 mm
  • Height  1140 mm
  • Wheelbase  2718 mm
  • Weight  1138 kg
  • Fuel tank  90.0 litres


The car was stopped production in 1998 with a price tag of $ 970,000.If anybody wants ot buy this car today had to buy it in second hand at the price double than that of the original price because of the car’s rarity.However Mclaren MP4-12C the successor of Mclaren F1which uses Formula 1 technologies with less power when compared to the Legendary F1 would be a great choice than the used Mclaren F1.

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