Moto GP bikes fan concepts

Moto GP 2012 Grid has only 3 factory teams with the shrinking number of riders and bikes on the grid Moto GP had introduced the CRT (Claiming Rule Team)  to provide entry for teams using a production based engine and prototype chassis there by reducing the costs for CRT teams which made the Moto GP 2012 Grid with 21 bikes.But still there are only 3 factory teams and Suzuki had left Moto GP 2012.Kawasaki had exited Moto GP long back in 2009.There is also some good news with the CRT rule Aprilia which had a factory team in Moto GP in between 2002-2004 with their Aprilia RS 3 Cube racing machine is now supplying CRT bikes for Moto GP teams with a heavily tuned Aprilia RSV 4 engine and Proto type chassis derived from RS 3 Cube and named the CRT manufacturing division as ART (Aprilia Racing Technology) this shows a positive sign for the entry of Aprilia in Moto GP if the CRT bike performs well in 2012 Moto GP.and BMW which had never entered into Moto GP was also aiming to enter Moto GP at least by 2014 and a CRT bike using the proven BMW S1000RR engine and Suter chassis with Colin Edwards as the rider  is in the 2012 Moto GP grid for 2012.But fans want more than BMW and Aprilia entering into Moto GP but also want to see more factory teams sponsored or run by  some car companies and some well established  companies to make the Moto GP grid very exciting.Here are the fan concepts of Moto GP bikes.

1.Porshce Moto GP Bike

Although Porsche is a car company which is well known for its luxurious and super cars.Fans want to see a Porsche Moto GP bike in action why ? Because if Porsche was ever to compete in Moto GP with a bike then there are high chances they may introduce a super bike derived from their Moto GP bike.Porsche had never made a motorbike before.

2.Lamborghini Caramelo

Speculations are Lamborghini is trying to introduce a super bike.The bike is in concept design and the styling of the bike is greatly inspired by Ducati 1198.The possible launch of a super bike by Lamborghini leads to the rumours that Lamborghini may enter Moto GP as Moto GP success converts into bike sales.

Lamborghini which had a bitter experience when they introduced their first motorcycle French Design House bike Boxer way back in 1980 is cautious with the new bike.

3.MV Agusta Moto GP bike

MV Agusta was once number one in Moto GP and dominated all other bikes from various manufacturers but after the Japanese entered the Auto market and were selling vehicles in huge numbers and they gave tough competition for the Italian company which under pressure didn’t perform well after the Japanese arrived and the shrinking sales of their motorcycles had made them with draw from Motorcycle racing.But fans are seeking re entry of MV Agusta into Moto GP with a CRT atleast in 2013.

4.Martini Racing Sponsored Moto GP bike

Martini Racing sponsors teams in some racing series and fans want to see a Martini sponsored Ducati Desmosedici in action.





5.Valliant Moto GP bike

Valliant brand name is owned by Chrysler fans want a Moto GP bike with Valliant name on it.





6.Chaparral Moto GP bike

Chaparral specializes in sales of accesories and aftermarket kits.This concept was made by one those fans who love Chaparral racing.




7.Mercedes Benz Moto GP bike

Mercedes Ben rival is looking to make its way into Moto GP and there are chances that Mercedes Benz may try to compete with them in the battle for supremacy between the two car brands.



8.Prada Moto GP bike

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