Lamborghini Aventador J Unica ” Limited Edition Car “

Lamborghini Aventador J Unica at the show

Lamborghini Avnetador J was launched at the car Geneva motor show and the roadster stole the show instantly.The car which is dripping in carbon-fibre and luxurious cockpit was worthy of turning the eyeballs at the Geneva motor show.Only one car will be made and was also sold for a whopping $ 2.74 million.Another interesting fact about this car is it was built only in six weeks


Lamborghini Aventador J Unica at Geneva Motorshow

The Roadster is designed along the lines of Lamborghini Aventador without a roof and also a wind sheild.The chassis is made form Carbon fibre with front and rear aluminium frames.But one thing that differentiates this car entirely from Aventador coupe is the color.Lamborghini flagship color is green but surprisingly Lamborghini had opted for Red color for this car and was also successful in giving the car a exotic feel and making it hard for people to differentiate a Ferrari and Aventador J.The car has carbon fibre grills on front and rear side under the car bonnet.The rear has 4 exhausts which makes up for Exotic feel of the car.The front headlights with a projector headlamp and LED lamps under the projector lamp are based on the Aventador.The car has no roof so to house the rear view mirror in the middle Lamborghini made the rear view mirror integrated into the car in the middle like a side rear view mirror.The rear Carbon fibre  spoiler which helps improve the aerodynamics of the car and also provides  with down force for the car.The car has dual 10 spoke alloy wheels which are exotic with each alloy wheel having 5 spokes and both alloy wheels are of different design.The rear tail lamps are the same as seen on Aventador.The car looks great in the looks department and it will remain as one of the most exotic roadsters of this decade.


The engine used on this car was the same as that used on Lamborghini Aventador.The engine has 6.5 litre displacement and has 12 cylinders with V configuration with cylinders banked at 60 degree angle.The engine outputs a maximum power of 700 hp at 8,250 rpm and 690 Nm torque at 5,500 rpm.The car has 7 speed ISR gear box.

Tyres, Wheels and Brakes:

The tyres are supplied by pirelli and

Front tyre: 255/35 ZR19

Rear tyres: 335/30 ZR20
Wheels are dual 10 spoke alloy wheels the front wheel is 19 ” diameter and the rear wheel is 20 “.
The disc brakes at the front are 400 X 38 mm and 380 X 38 mm at the rear with six piston calipers.
Only one car was built no prototype and no display cars at the Lamborghini Museum so this makes this car truely a rare on with only one unit made.The car was sold before the car reached Geneva motor show for $ 2.7 million. This car remains as one of the most exotic cars of this decade and also a one and only car.
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