Lamborghini Concept Cars

In the world of Luxury cars Lamborghini has a very special place it is known for its exotic two-seater cars which are capable of performing even on the race track.Whenever Lamborghini presents a Concept version of their car it creates sensation not only because of their high performance engines but also their beauty.Lamborghini cars are well designed so they have automobile enthusiasts craze for their cars.Lamborghini under the ownership of Volkswagen AG had introduced many concept cars in the past decade.Here we have a recap of the popular concept cars shown by Lamborghini.

Lamborghini Estoque

This car is a four door sedan with 2+2 seating configuration.The concept was well received but Lamborghini had already announced that this sedan will not make its way into production.But the interesting fact is this is the first car in the Lamborghini line up to feature 4 seats after the Espada which was stopped production in 1978.

Lamborghini Miura Concept

This concept was based on the Miura which was in production between 1966 and 1972.The Miura  is the first high performance car from Lamborghini and also a trend setter for high performance mid engine two seater cars.The Miura was also the fastest production car when it was launched.

The concept was shown in 2006 at North American International Auto show.The concept was created commemorating the 40th anniversary of the 1966 Geneva introduction of the original Miura.But Lamborghini had no plans to make this car into production.

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Sesto Elemento is a two seater sports car with a V10 configuration engine from Lamborghini Gallardo.The engine displacement is 5.2 L and the engine produces a maximum horsepower of 570 and 540 Nm of torque.The car uses Carbon fibre in chassis, body, driveshaft and suspension components.Thus the overall weight of the car is only 999 kgs (2,200 lb).Only 20 cars will me made and are meant for race tract purpose only.This car is the lightest car produced by Lamborghini.The car reaches 0-100 in 2.5 seconds.The car has a top speed of 350 Km/h.

Lamborghini Concept S

The car was shown as a concept in 2005 at the Geneva motor show.The car has a futuristic look with separate cabins for driver and passenger and and allowing bodywork between the seats.the seating position and the body work allowed more air into the mid mounted engine.The car is more aero dynamical.The car has 5 litre V10 engine which can produce 500 hp and the car top speed is above 300 Km/h.As of now the production date for Conept S is still unknown.

Lamborghini Conquisto

it is a 2 door SUV/Cross over which will be in production from 2016.No details about the engine,price are not availabe at this time.

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