Qatar Grand Prix Moto 3 Qualifying Practice Sandro Cortesse Secures Pole

Moto 3  Qualifying Practice wa ended with Sandro Cortesse of Red Bull KTM Ajo  securing Pole Position on his KTM moto 3 bike.He was also the fastest on the track with a top speed of 222.6 km/hr.His fastest Lap time was 2’08.188.He was followed by Maverick Vinales-from Bluesens Avintia is in second place with a time difference of 0.016 and a top speed of 216.2 km/hr on his FTR Honda bike.In third palce was Louis Rossi with a time difference of 0.115 between him and Sandro and 0.099 seconds difference between him and Maverick.He attained a top speed of 215.3 km/hr on his FTR Honda.

Louis Salom on his Kalex KTM bike secured fourth position with a time gap of 0.378 between him and the fastest man and 0.263 between him and Louis Rossi.Fith place was secured by Niklas Ajo on KTM with a time difference of 0.546 and achieved second highes top speed of 222.6 km/hr.

Ioda bike was the slowest in the track with the lowest speed of 199.1 km/hr.

With small difference between the top three and a massive difference in top speed in the top three it is evident that the Honda bikes need more top speed.


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