Lamborghini Diablo “Limited Edition” cars

Diablo has a special place in Lamborghini history.The car was launched in 1990 and was the fastest production car at that time.This car showed the engineering prowess of  Lamborghini and turned the attention to them.Lamborghini had produced 8 Limited Edition cars in the Diablo model range.So we thought a blog post on the Limited Edition series in the Diablo range would be of interest.

Diablo SE30

This car was introduced in 1993 and only 135 units were made.The engine is a V12 with 5.7 litre displacement and rear wheel drive.The engine produced 523 hp.The car was a two door coupe with mid mounted engine.This car was designed by keeping the racing enthusiasts in mind and the main emphasis was weight savings which led to removing the creature comforts in the car like air conditioners and stereo.

Diablo SE30 “Jota”

Only 15 cars were made.Actually Jota was a racing kit supplied for Diablo SE30.The racing kit was only meant for race track purposes.When the Jota kit was installed the car produces 595 hp as opposed to 523 hp with the SE30.

Diablo SV (Super Veloce) “Monterey Edition”

This was launched only in US with a production run of 20 units and uses a 5.7 litre engine with a V12 configuration producing 510 hp.The cars were painted in Unusual and Vibrant colors.


Diablo VT “Alpine Edition

This model was released in 1999 and with a production run of 12 units and was exclusively for US market.The car was a two-seater coupe.The car used the same engine configuration as seen on other Diablo cars but with modifications to boost the power output.The engine delivered a maximum of 529 hp.This car was released to celebrate Lamborghini’s relationship with Alpine Stereo.

Diablo VT Roadster “Momo Edition”

This model was also released in 1999 it is the roadster version of Diablo VT.The car was meant exclusively for US market with a production run of twelve units.This car has the same engine used on the “Alpine Edition”.This car was manufactured by Lamborghini to cater to the US car buyers interest in aftermarket parts.


Diablo VT Roadster “Millennium Roadster”

This car was launched in the year 2000 to pay tribute to the outgoing VT Roadster which is soon going to be stopped in production.The Roadster was available only in two colors Titanium metallic and Yellow.




Diablo GT 

The car was released in 1999 and only 80 examples were made.This car was only limited to Europe and the price of the car was $ 300,000.The car has a 6 litre V12 engine which produces 575 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque. 

Diablo GT2

This car was released in 1998 prior to the release of Diablo GT.This car was released to celebrate the success of Lamborghini in GT 2 racing during that time.Only two units were produced one for Lamborghini Museum and the other went on sale.The GT2 had a 6 litre V12 configuration engine which produced 640 hp and had a manufacturer claimed top speed of 350 km/h.

Diablo GTR

This car was produced in the year 2000 and only 40 cars were built.Most of the body of the is made from Carbon fibre except the roof.The rear spoiler provided aero dynamic braking.The car has 6 litre V12 engine producing 590 hp and the car with its improved Aero dynamics over other Diablo models is capable of reaching 350 Km/h top speed.

Diablo VT 6.0 SE

It is a Limited Edition car based on Diable VT 6.0.The car was launched in 2011 and only 42 were made.The engine has 6 litre displacement with V12 configuration and the power output is 575 hp with a claimed top speed of 330 Km/h.The car is available in only two colors Gold Metallic and Bronze/Maroon.

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