Formula 1-Nico Rosberg wins UBS Chinese Grand Prix 2012

Mercedes team driver Nico Rosberg won the 2012 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix.Nico Rosberg started off with Pole position he finished the race in 1:36:26.929.He was followed by Jenson Button from Mclaren-Mercedes team who started the grid in 5 th position and had a time difference of 20.6 seconds.Jenson Button was qualified sixth during Qualifying session but LEwis Hamilton’s penalty to drop by five places on the grid made Jenson Button to start from 5 th place.

Lewis Hamilton from  Mclaren Mercedes was qualified for second place but was dropped was dropped by five places because of an unscheduled gearbox change and started in 7 th position in the grid.He settled for third place with a time difference of 26.0 seconds.

Mark Webber from Red Bull racing Renault with a time difference of 27.9 seconds was in fourth place again he was also in fourth place in Australia and Malaysian Grand Prix Making it three times in a row settling for fourth place.

Sebastian Vettel team-mate of Mark Webber from Red Racing started the grid in 11 th position.He is also the defending champion for 2012 he had finished in fifth place with time difference of 30.4 seconds.Vettel was also the winner of 2010 Formula 1 season.So there were high hopes on Vetttel to make it three in a row.But going by his present form in the season it seems a tough task to achieve three championship wins in a row.Vettel finshed in second place in Australian Grand prix and in 11 th place during Malaysia Grand Prix.

Michael Schumacher from Mercedes team who started the grid in third place was retired after a tire problem.He was also retired during the Australian grand prix because of gear box problems.He finished in tenth place during the Malaysian Grand prix the only time in these three Grand prix in 2012 season he was not retired from race.

Fernando Alonso from Ferrari team who started with 9 th position in the grid had also settled for 9 th place in the race.He won Malaysian Grand Prix in 2012.He had a time difference of 37.2 seconds.

Kamui Kobayashi and Kimi Raikkonen were in 4 th and 5 th place during qualifying respectively finished in 10 th and 14 th place.


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