Lamborghini Murcielago

Lamborghini Murcielago was one of the most succesful Lamborghini cars.It was in production between 2001 and 2010 and a total of 4099 Murielago cars were produced.It is the  successor Lamborghini Diablo and is the predecessor of  Lamborghini Aventador. Murcielago was produced in both coupe and Roadster versions.This car also has a great history in making Lamborghini Profitable under Audi owner ship ( Audi was under Volkswagen ownership).The car price starts from $ 285,000.


The car is a two seater sports car coupe with a mid mounted engine.Like the present day Lamborghini’s the car body is made from Carbon Fibre .And where carbon fibre use is not beneficial Aluminium and Steel were used.The signature feature of this car are the scissor doors derived from Lamborghini Diablo and the exterior design is mostly inspired by Diablo with some style changes.

Lamborghini names its cars on the name of popular bull in bull fights.The Murcielago car name was inspired from a fighting bull that survived 28 sword strikes in 1879 bull fight.

The front has a low hung bonnet with two air intakes under the headlights and LAmborghini symbol on the middle of the bonnet.The front headlights are dual projector assembly and the shape of headlight housing is a trapezoid.the headlight housing also include turn indicators along with headlights.At the rear the tail lamps with a rectangle shape with two red brake light,turn indicator and a hazard light each in a rectangle shape embedded in the rectangular tail lamp housing.Under the tail lamp there are two air intakes to cool the engine.The rear spoiler which provided Aero dynamic braking is opened up automatically when the car reaches 130 kms speed .There are air intakes under the doors which are connected to the engine.The dual circular mid mounted silencers under the number plate are exotic and also a attention grabber for this car.The car weighs 1,650 kg (3,638 lb).


The car has a 6.2 litre engine with V12 configuration with Fuel Injection.Eacy cylinder has 4 valve controlled by QOHC(Quad Over Head Cam Shafts) with two shafts per cylinder bank.The engine produces maximum horsepower of 573 hp at 7,500 rpm and 650 Nm torque at 5,400 rpm.The engine redlines at 7,600 rpm slightly above the rpm at which the car has its maximum horsepower.The fuel injected engine has a compression ratio of 10.7:1 and also has a variable intake manifold and Variable Valve Timing (VVT) system.Today VVT is a commonly used technology but back in 2001 it was used only in sports cars.The gear box is six speed limited slip  differential manual transmission.The car has All Wheel Drive system which sends 70 percent of power to rear wheels and 30 percent to the front wheels.The car has a massive 100 litre fuel tank.

The top speed of the car is 330km/h (205mph).The car can reach 100 kms from zero in 3.8 seconds.

Tyres and Suspension:

The wheels are 18 inch magnesium wheels and the tyres are supplied by Pirelli with the front a 245/35 ZR18 at the rear a massive 335/30 ZR18 P-Zero tyres.These massive tyres helping in making the car stable at corners during high speed operation.

The front suspension is independent steel double wishbone with electronically controlled hydraulic dampers and also these wish bones also have anti roll bar.


With a massive power output and 205 mph top speed the braking of the car needs to be powerful enough to stop the car without any problems like skidding and rolling action.To counter this the car has traction control which reduces the risk of skidding and ABS to make sure the brake power is distributed to wheels according to the application of the brake and condition.The electronically controlled suspension works to protect the car from rolling.

The disc braes are made from Carbon ceramic and these type of brakes till today used only in sports cars.The front disc is 355 mm and the rear is a 335 diameter brake.The rear spoiler which automatically opens up using hydraulic system at 130 km/hr top speed which provides down force and is inclined at 50 degree angle and at 220 km/hr with 70 degree angle providing rear tyre grip.

Murcielago Models:

Murcielago Roadster

Murcielago LP 640

Murcielago LP 640 Roadster

Murcielago LP 670 Super Veloce

Limited Editions:

40 th anniversary edition

LP 640 Versace

LP 650-4 Roadster

Cars using Murcielago Model Range Engines:

Lamborghini Reventon which uses Murcielago LP 640 engine

Lamborghini Reventon Roadster uses Murcielago LP 670 SV engine


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