Lamborghini Diablo

This car has a prominent place in the history of Lamborghini Automobile S.p.A .It was the successor of Lamborghini Countach the most successful Lamborghini from 1974 until the end of its production in 1988.Diableo was launched in January 21,1990.The car was designed by Marcello Gandini who designed the predecessors Countach and Miura.The car was priced starts from $ 180,000.The car was the World’s fastest car in production from its launch in 1990 and until September 15,1991.In September 15 0f the year 1991 Bugatti EB110 had claimed the throne a the World’s fastest production car.The production of the Diablo was ended in 2001 with the Lamborghini Murcielago as its Successor.


Designing a car to replace one of the most successful cars in not an easy task as there are huge expectations on the new model from buyers and as well as the company.So the design of the Diablo must be taken very seriously and the design must be sporty and must carry on the heritage of its predecessor Countach and the designer needs to evaluate what buyers like in the car and what they are looking for in the new upcoming model.Most of the time designers would like to carry over design elements which they thinks as best suited on the old model and also worth to be seen on the new model as Marcello was the designer of Countach most of its design characteristics had made their way into Diablo.Diablo means Devil in Italian.

The car is a two door two seater high performance sports car coupe.The engine of the car is mid mounted the tradition of mid mounted engine’s was started from Lamborghini Miura and is continued till today.This car is a production sports car so the empahssis of its design were on weight savings and reducing air drag because air drag slows down the acceleration of cars.So the car was streamlined to reduce air drag.The car has to be light in weight which would improve acceleration and fuel efficiency to some extent.The car uses carbon fibre for its frames which can be considered as a daring step in those days as the demand for Luxury cars was less and carbon fibre costs were high but the use of carbon fibre had helped the designers achieve light weight to some extent.The car has scissors doors and hidden headlamps which wont show up until they are switched on.Under the hidden headlamps there are turn indicators and under them positioned at very low height from the ground there are snow lights.The front air intakes are  present in the middle of the snow lights arrangement and the sides of the car also has air intakes.

The rear part has a spoiler which provides aero dynamic braking and the rear tail light assembly has two circular tail amps one brake indicator and another turn indicators.The car has a dual circular silencers under the number plate.The car weight is 1,576 kg (3,470 lb).the car has 41:59 front:rear weight distribution.


The car has a 5.7 Litre engine displacement with V12 configuration.Each cylinder has 4 valves and the valves in each cylinder are controlled by DOHC cam shafts and the engine has computer controlled multi point fuel injection.The car produces engine out put of 492 hp and 28 lb-ft of torque.The car has  only rear wheel drive and the transmission is 5 speed manual.

The car travels from 0-100 km/hr in 4.5 seconds and has a top speed of 207 mph(333 km/hr) and claimed the world’s fastest car title by beating Ferrari F40.

With such high performance engine with world record top speed the car needs brakes that are capable of stopping the car at minimum possible distance without roll over and skidding and also taking brake fade into consideration Lamborghini had opted for Brembo Servo assisted four piston calipers for all four wheels and 330 mm disc brake at the front and 284 mm at the rear.

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