Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640

Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 is the revamped version of Lamborghini Murcielago.Murcielago was launched in 2001 and years passed by it is growing older and Lamborghini thought of a revamp of the existing model and then Murcielago LP 640 was born.LP 640 was launched in March 2006 ar Geneva Motor Show.LP means Longitudinale Poisteriore which indicates the engine orientation and 640 is the engine horsepower.The car price range starts from  $ 322,000.


The car is a two seater two door coupe with sporty styling and high performance mid mounted engine.The design remains the same from the original Murcielago with revised front and rear body panels.The side air intakes under the doors are now asymmetrical and they feed an oil cooler.The trapezoidal front headlights design remains the same.The rear exhaust which is a dual exhaust was now changed to a new hexagonal single exhaust which is tucked in the middle position of the car under the number plate like seen in the coupe version.The dimensions of the tail lamp remain the same but ith a large red light and ten LED indicators under them.The scissors doors were in place.the engine is not hidden and it can be seen from the rear window.

The interior was also changed and provides with more head room than the original Murcielago and a new stereo system was incorporated which formed a part of the dashboard.

Although the design is borrowed from Murcielago which was introduced in 2001 this car has exotic look and sporty style.


The engine has 6.5 litre displacement in V12 configuration with 4 valves per cylinder and are controlled by QOHC (Quadrant Over Head Cam Shafts).Quadrant means four each cylinder bank has two cylinders which have a total of 8 valves for each 4 valves there is DOHC to control the valves so for a cylinder bank there are two DOHC cam shafts forming four cam shafts per a cylinder bank so this car has a QOHC configuration which exactly isn’t a true QOHC.The engine cover is made up of Glass.The engine produces a maximum horsepower of 640 hp and 468 lb-ft torque.The engine redlines at 8,000 rpm and has a 100 litre fuel tank.

The car travels from 0-100 Km/hr in 3.4 seconds and has a top speed of 205 mph. This Engine slightly tuned and was used in Lambroghini Reventon.

Wheels,Tyres and Brakes:

The wheels are 5 spoke star like design and are in black color with 18 inch size and the tyre’s manufacturing remains with Pirelli and the brakes are  Carbon Ceramic dis brakes with 8 piston calipers at the front and 4 piston calipers at the rear.


With 640 horsepower and Carbon Cermaic composite disc brakes which need high temperatures to operate efficiently riding this car slowly can be pain and also the acceleration of this car is also very fast just a light touch on the accelerator pedal can take you to speeds more than 100 Km/hr.So this car is for sports car enthusiasts who do track days and also have another car for daily use.And also the price of this car means it is not available for many people’s budget.

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