Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 Super Veloce

It is the next model of Murcielago LP 640.It was launched in 2009 Geneva Motor Show.Lamborghini has a tradition of ending a super car production in its line up by releasing a SV moniker car.The SV moniker was also used on cars like Miura and Diablo.As the Gallardo becoming  a hot seller with more than  8000 units being sold in six years after its first introduction in 2003.And as the Murcielago was getting out of date and competing with Gallardo in sales but not quite reaching the Gallardo’s sales numbers and another successor Aventador was going to be released in 2011.Lamborghini had thought the time has come for the end of production of Murcielago and had released the SV version of Murcielago in Geneva Motor Show where mot of new Lamborghini cars will be showcased.The car was priced at  $ 450,000 and at first Lamborghini wanted to make only 350 cars but due to the space requirements for the production of Aventador Lamborghini had managed to manufacture only 186 cars thus making this car a rare car.


China Specific Version with Balck color

The car is a sports car with mid mounted engine and coupe design with two seats.The SV moniker cars from Lamborghini are powerful and are mostly performance oriented.The Murcielago SV is also a track oriented car.The car uses more carbon fibre than LP 640 and the use of more carbon fibre had helped reduce the weight of the SV model was reduced by 220 lb(100 kg).The remaining design of the car looks identical to Murcielago but with more carbon fibre and less aero dynamic drag.The rear spoiler,rear window and side air intakes are full of carbon fibre.The 18 inch black color Forged Aluminium and Magnesium alloy wheels are a pleasant sight to look at and also more capable to control harsh situations.

There are also two specific china models with different color combinations but the production numbers of the china models were not known.

Another China Specific Version with Grey color


The engine has a V12 configuration derived from LP 640 with a massive 6.5 litre displacement.The engine produces a maximum horse power output of 661 hp at 8,000 rpm and 490 lb-ft torque output at 6,500 rpm  as the engine is naturally aspirated the increase in engine power and torque was not achieved by Turbo/Super chargers instead Lamborghini had used Variable Valve Timing(VVT) and a new upgraded Intake system.The engine red lines at 8,000 rpm.The car has limited slip differential gear box combined with AWD ( All Wheel Drive) system which is purely meant for track racing.

The car has a top speed of 213 mph (33 km/hr) with a optional small spoiler and 209 mph (336 m/hr) with the standard spoiler on the car.The car with its improved aero dynamics and reduction in weight has better acceleration figures than LP 640 the car can reach 100 km/hr speed from zero in just 3 seconds .This engine was also used in Lamborghini Reventon Roadster.


For a car that costs nearly half a million dollars the buyer would expect a smooth and comfortable ride and the 670 SV lives up to the expectation of the buyers.The car has wish bones at all the four wheels and dual struts at the rear and single strut at the front along with coil springs and gas dampers.The suspension also has anti roll bars to prevent rolling of the car during harsh breaking.

Tyres and Brakes:

Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres are used on both the wheels.The front and rear tyre diameters are 245/35 and 335/30 respectively.

The brakes are Vented carbon ceramic disc brakes which are 380 mm diameter on both front and rear tyres with 6 piston calipers.The car also has a hi-tech ABS system controlling the brakes of the car and EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) to check the amount of braking force distributed to the wheels and Traction Control to avoid loss of traction.


The production of this car was stopped in 2010 but there are few second hand vehicles on sale on various automobile sites.Only 186 units were produced making it one the rarest cars.And those who love Exotic sports cars with a powerful V12 engine and can afford the money for this car then this car is a perfect option.This car is prestige symbol because of the exclusivity and success for Lamborghini brought by Murcielago brand.For those who want a present generation Lamborghini car can choose a new Gallardo as the best option.

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