2012 Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix Free practice 2 Nico Rosberg is the fastest

Nico Rosberg from Mercedes team was the fastest on the track in free practice session 2 he was also the winner of 2012 Chinese Grand Prix.His fastest lap time was 1:32.816.

In second place was Mark Webber from Red Bull Racing-Renault with fastest lap time  1:33.262 and he was behind Nico by o.446 seconds.

In third place was Defending champion and Mark Webber’s team mate Sebastian Vettel from Red Bull Racing with fastest lap time of 1:33.525 seconds fallling behind by 0.709 seconds.

Lewis Hamilton who finished in first place during free practice session 1 had finished in fourth place during free practice session 2 with a time difference of 0.931 seconds.

Michael Schumacher from Mercedes team finished in 5 th place with 1.046 seconds time difference.

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso finished in eigth place with time difference of 1.633 seconds.


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