The New Tata Safari Storme : A Preview

The Tata Safari gets it’s third face-lift and this time Tata names it Safari Storme. The Safari has always been admired for its bold looks and styling although it wasn’t fun to drive at all, it does have its own set of fans. Even I’m a Safari fan and I really admire its looks and road presence. So, lets see what Tata has to offer with the new Safari Storme.

First look and you would say, wtf has Tata done? The people at Tata must really be crazy, the Safar Storme has a tamed look. It gets a new grille, bumper and projector headlights but this can never replace the bold looks of the current Safari. The side profile looks similar to the current one and the rear again both surprises and disappoints you. It doesn’t have the spare tire mounted on its back. The Safari looked so good with the spare tire on its back. Here’s a look of the rear:

Projector Head Lamps



There is something more than that meets the eye in the Safari Storme, there is a certain improvement in the quality right from the claddings to side step. The Safari Storme is based on the same platform as that of the Aria. which should have a considerable effect on its handling.

The interiors are a lot more refreshing and Tata has done a decent job with the fit and finish and the plastic quality is definitely better. The center console is completely redesigned apart from the same Audio Head Unit. Here’s a look at the interiors:

The legroom both at the front and middle row is identical to that of the current gen safari. Finally, Tata has put roof integrated air con vents for the 2nd and 3rd rows which is a welcome move. The 3rd row of seats are the same side facing seats as of the current Safari. I wonder why they can’t put in front facing seats in the 3rd row when others can do it with the same space available.

The New Safari Storme takes a huge leap ahead in terms of handling and ride quality compared to the current gen Safari. Tata says that they have reduced the weight but still official numbers aren’t out. The Safari Storme retains the same Engine as the current gen Safari but the Engine is a lot more refined in the Storme. The Storme feels quick, has less body roll and handles well. That must be a boon for the Safari lovers but well it comes at the cost of the bold looks.

On a whole, there is definitely much more than what meets the eye with the new safari storme, but still I feel that if Tata can’t design the exterior better than the current gen then they should have atleast retained it in the Storme. The same old Safari  with better handling would be just enough for the people. However, Tata is believed to be looking at selling both the Safari and the Safar Storme side by side.Tata should just put the current gen Safari  on the same platform, give it the new interiors of the Storme, and sell it alongside the Storme,  then they will know how really they messed up with the exteriors.

The pricing is yet to be out and rumors are that it will be priced above the current gen Safari and below the Aria. So lets see how this one goes with the public.











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