DC Avanti : India’s First Supercar

The DC Avanti is a giant leap ahead for the Indian Automotive Industry. Even we can boast about our desi supercar. Coming from the camp of the famous designer Dilip Chhabria, this car is surely a head turner. More on the looks later. What’s mouth watering is the price, the Avanti is expected to be priced at Rs. 25 lakhs which is equal to that of an Accord. This makes it approachable to more number of people and even a common man can dream to have a supercar. It sure would give the Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s a run for their money. The car will first be released with a 2 litre ecoboost engine from Ford that makes 240bhp and 360Nm of torque. Later, it will be released with the V6 engine from Honda which will make 400bhp.

Coming to the design, the front seems to be inspired from the Ferrari458 but there is no doubt that it looks absolutely wonderful.

The picture above speaks for that. This is the best looking angle of the car. The headlights are awesomely designed and look stunning.

It is expected to do 0-100bhp under 7 seconds. It may not be the fastest but still is fast enough to catch up. Unlike the other supercars this car has been tuned for daily usage on the roads and has an electronically limited speed of 250kmph.

The back is also neatly designed and the free flowing design gives the feel of a supercar.

As per reports, the first showroom will be opened in Hyderabad and then in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune & Chennai.

Keep watching for more updates on this one.

Here are some more pics of the avanti