Commercial Bank Qatar Grand Prix 2012 Marc Marquez wins season’s 2012 first Moto 2 Grand Prix

Lap 1 Thomas Luthi from Interwetten paddoc team on his Suter bike had started off with a pole position and completed Lap 1 with 1 st position.He was followed by Espargaro from Pons 40 HP team on his Kalex bike with a time difference of 0.012 seconds.

Lap 2 Thomas Luthi was over taken by Espargaro,Marc Marquez and Andrea Iannone.Espargaro was now leading the race with a difference of 0.065 seconds between him and Marc Marquez

Lap 3 Espargaro was now in the lead his nearest rider is Marc Marquez with a time difference of 0.189 seconds.

lap 4 Espargaro is in the lead with Marc closing the gap the difference between the two is 0.122 seconds.The third rider is now Andrea Iannone from speed master team on his Speed Up bike with a time difference of 0.200 seconds between him and Espargaro.

Lap 5 Espargaro in lead with a time difference of 0.121 seconds between him and Marquez.

Lap 6 Espargaro in lead but Marquez is closing up now the difference between the two is only 0.085 seconds.Andrea Iannone in third place is 0.316 seconds behind Espargaro.

Lap 7 Espargaro was moving faster the difference between him and Marquez had increased from 0.085 seonds to 0.121 seconds.

Lap 8 Andrea Iannone following Marquez and Espargaro now moves to first place.He was now followed by Marc with a time difference of 0.043 seconds

Lap 10 Marc in leading position and Andrea Iannone in second place with 0.177 seconds time difference.Thomas Luthi who started off with a pole position is now in fifth place with a time difference of 0.617 seconds between him and Marc.Espargaro was in third position lagging behind by 1 lap.

Lap 11 Marquez in leading position and Espargaro following him with 0.180 seconds time difference.Andrea Iannone falls to fourth place.

Lap 12 Espargaro is in leading position and Esteve Rabat in second position with time difference of 0.212 seconds.Thomas Luthi now moves to third position.

Lap 13 Espargaro in leading position with a time difference of 0.156 seconds between him and Rabat and  0.175 seconds time difference between Thomas Luthi who is in third place.

Lap 14 Espargaro is in lead with Luthi in second place closing up the gap the difference is only 0.016 seconds.Marc is third place falls behind by 0.547 seconds

Lap 15 Thomas Luthi who started off in pole position was in the lead now with a time difference of 0.351 seconds between him and Espargaro who was now in second place.In third place Mar with 0.373 seconds time gap.

Lap 16 Thomas Luthi in leading position with Marc Marquez and Andrea Iannone closing up with 0.045 and 0.497 seconds respectively.Espargaro now falls to fifth place.

Lap 17 Thomas Luthi is in lead with marc closing further with a time difference of only 0.039 seconds now.In third place was Andrea with a time gap of 0.535 seconds.

Lap 18 two more laps to go Luthi is in lead and Marc in second place is 0.115 seconds behind.

Lap 19 1 more lap to go Thomas is now in leading position with a time difference of 0.005 second between him and Marc

Final Lap Marc Marquez from Team CatalunyaCainx Repsol wins with a total lap time of 40:34.225.He had a top speed of 281.0 km.

Second place going to Andrea Iannone from Speed Master team who was 0.065 seconds behind Marc.He had a top speed of 277.5 kms.

Third Place was Espargaro Pol Espargaro from Pons 40 HP tuneti team falling behind Marquez by 1.412 seconds.He wa third in top speed with 282.9 km/hr.

Fourth Place was Esteve Rabat from Pons 40 HP tuneti team falling behind Marquez by 1.639 seconds.he was in second in terms of top speed with 284.2 kms.

Fifth plae was Thomas Luthi from Red Bull KTM AJO team he started in Pole position and aso was performing well in Fp 1,2 & 3 and QP.

The fastest riders in terms of Top speed was Randy Krummenacher on his Kalex bike he attained a top speed of 285.0 km.


2012 Moto GP rules and regulations

Moto Grand prix logo

Moto GP is the equivalent to Formula 1 for motorbikes.From 2012 Moto GP switches back to 1000 cc bikes from the previous 800 cc racing bikes.The Moto GP bikes are purpose built and are not road legal so they are not offered for public sale.However super bikes from manufacturers Honda,Yamaha,Ducati try to incorporate some of the Moto GP technology for an affordable price for general public.The perfect Moto GP replica bike is the Ducati Desmosedici RR.So switching of Moto GP back to 1000 cc class could ensure some special motorcycles and the technology can be incorporated into the 1000 cc super bike counter part from the manufacturers. The rules for the new 2012 Moto GP feature a lots  of changes in the rules after switching to the 1000 cc.The Governing bodies of Moto GP Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme(FIM),IRTA (International Road-Racing Teams Association),Dorna along with the MSMA (Motorcycle Sports Manufacturers’ Association) which takes care of constructors in the Moto GP forms a Grand prix commission sets the rules for Moto GP race.According to the  Grand Prix commission the changes to the 2012 edition of Moto GP are as follows Continue reading