British Super Bike 2012 Josh Brookes wins Thruxton Race 2 and Conquered Thruxton

Josh Brookes from Tyco Suzuki riding on race spec Suzuki GSX-R1000 finished first in race 2 at Thruxton.He also finished first in the overall standings of the two races.In the first race he was in third palce with a total time of 25:50.233 and in the second race he finished in first place with a total lap time of 25:36.122 with an average speed of 110.42 mph.He had scored 16 points after finishing third in Race 1 and had made 25 points after winning the race 2 in first position making his total score in the two races 41.

In second place was Tommy Hill from Swan Yamaha Team riding Yamaha R1 and also the defending champion.The total lap time was 25:36.786 with 110.38 mph average speed.The time difference was 0.664 seconds.He was not only second in race 2 but he wa also in second position in the standings.Hill completed in second place in race 1 and race 2 making his total score 40.

In third place during race 2 was Shane Byrne from Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki team riding the race spec Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R with a total lap time of 25:37.565 with an average speed of 110.32 mph.He  finished in 4rd place in overall Thruxton standings he finished in 4 th place during Race 1 giving him 13 points and his 3 rd place finish in Race 2 gave him 16 points making his total points in Thruxton race to 29.

In Fourth place was Shane Byrne team-mate Stuart Easton with a time difference of 1.526 seconds.He finished in fifth place in Thruxton standings with a total score of 24.

In fifth place was Ian Lowry from Padgetts Racing riding on Honda CBR1000R  finished in 1 st place during Race 1.With 25 points during Race 1 and 11 points from Race 2 he finished in third place in Thruxton Standings.

Jon Kirkham from Samsung Honda who won Race 1 at Brands Hatch Indy settled for sixth place in standings with total points of 18.



British Super Bike 2012 Ian Lowry wins in Race 1 at Thruxton

Ian Lowry from Padgetts Racing riding the Honda CBR1000R who was in second place during qualifying gave a shock to Tommy Hill from Swan Yamaha the defending champion during race at Thruxton by coming on top in the race 1.The difference between Ian Lowry and Tommy Hill was 2.749 seconds.

In third place was Josh Brookes from Tyco Suzuki riding on Suzuki GSX-R1000 who started in 7 th position and had a time difference of 13.136 seconds.

In fourth and fifth place were team mates Shane Byrne and Stuart Easton respectively from Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki riding the Ninja ZX-10R bike.The time difference was 13.566 seconds and 14.435 seconds respectively.

Jon Kirkham from Samsung Honda who won at Brands Hatch Indy had settled for seventh place with a time difference of 18.473 seconds.

Michael Rutter who qualified in thrid position was not classified in the race.

Scott Smart from Moto Rapido racing riding the Ducati 1199 Panigale RS finished in 18 th position.

Alex Polita from Jentin Doodson Motorsport who was also riding the 1199 Panigale RS  finished in 19 th position.

Here at British Super Bikes the 1199 Panigale RS used by privateer teams did not proved successful in this season.