AMA Pro Racing 2012 Triumph Big Kahuna Atlanta Blake Young wins in Race 1

Blake Young from Yoshimura Racing riding on his Suzki GSX-R1000 finished in first position in Triumph Big Kahuna Atlanta 2012 Race 1.He had a best lap time of 1:25.364.He also had during the race but recovered quickly.

In Second place was defending champion and Blake Young’s main competitor Josh Hayes from Monster Energy Graves Yamaha riding on his Yamaha R1 finished in second place his best lap time was 1:25.463 and the difference between him and Blake Young after all the laps were finished was 0.293 seconds.

In third place was Josh Herrin team mate of Josh Hayes with his fastest lap time of 1:25.868 and a time difference of 0.807 seconds.

Fourth place was  Roger Hayden from National Guard Jordan Suzuki team riding on Suzuki GSX-R1000 with a time difference of 2.437 seconds.

Fifth place was Geoff May riding for Amsoil Hero EBR team on his EBR 1190RS with a time difference of 8.073 seconds.