Qatar Grand Prix 2012- Moto 3 Maverick Vinales Wins Moto 3 2012 Qatar Grand Prix

Maverick Vinales During FP1

The first Grand Prix of 2012 Moto 3 Commercial Bank Qatar Grand Prix 2012 was won by Maverick Vinales from Bluesens Avintia team riding FTR Honda bike. He had a total time of 38:40.995.

Red Bull KTM AJO rider was in the pole position during the fourth lap Romano Fenati from Team Italia FMI on his FTR Honda bike was leading the grid he was overtaken by Maverick Vinales Bluesens Avintia team on his FTR Honda in the sixth lap.Sandro Cortesse riding the KTM Moto 3 bike was pushed down to fourth place during the sixth lap.In the seventh lap Maverick was in the first place with a time difference of 0.036 seconds between him and Romano Fenati who was in second place.

During the eight lap Romano Fenati was closing on Maverick with a time difference of only 0.013 seconds.Sandro Cortesse who was in fourth position overtaken Luis Salom and was now in third position he and maverick had a massive 7.168 seconds time gap.Louis Rossi from Racing team Germany on hos FTR honda bike was in third place during the Qualifying Practice was in 8 th position during the eigth lap.

Maverick was in the lead in 12 th lap with a time difference of 0.321 seconds between him and Romano Fenati.During the eigth lap Romano was closing Maverick.

13 th lap five more laps to go Maverick is in a healthy lead with 0.882 seconds from the nearest contender Raoano the time difference was increasing after the eight lap.

14 th lap four more laps to go Romano falls behind Maverick by 1.402 seconds the time gap had increased from 13 th to 14 th lap.Sandro Cortesse was in third place with a time difference of 13.262 seconds between him and Maverick.

15 th lap 3 more laps to go the difference between Maverick and Romano had increased to 2.335 seconds.

16 th lap 2 more laps to go the difference between Maverick and the second rider is now 3.369 seconds.

17 th lap 1 more lap to go and the difference between Maverick and Romano Fenati was now 3.860 seconds.

Final Lap Maverick Vinales finishes with first position with a healthy lead of 4.301 seconds over Romano and a massive 18.013 seconds lead over third place rider Sandro Cortesse.