Moto GP 2012 season analysis after 2012 Qatar Grand Prix

Jorge Lorenzo from Yamaha wins Qatar 2012 Moto GP.In second place was Dani Pedrosa and in third place was defending champion Casey Stoner was in

Lorenzo During race- Qatar 2012

third place.

In first place was Jorge Lorenzo racing for factory Yamaha Racing on the Yamaha M1 and the riders in second and third place were Honda Factory Team-Repsol Honda riders riding on Honda RC213V.

In fourth and fifth place were Monster Yamaha Tech 3 team mates Cal Crutchlow and Andrea Dovizioso respectively.The riders were riding on the satellite Yamaha M1.

In 6 th place was Nicky Hayden racing for factory Ducati team on the Desmosedici GP 12.

In seventh place was Alvaro Bautista on his Satellite Honda RC213V and following him was Stefan Bradl from LCR Honda team on his satellite Honda RC213V and in ninth place was Hector Barbera riding on satellite Ducati Desmosedici GP 12.

In tenth place was Valentino Rossi on the Desmosedici GP 12.Ben spies racing for Yamaha Factor racing riding Yamaha M1 failed to impress and had settled for 11 th place.

San Carlo Gresini Honda CRT rider Michael Pirro last in the standings.

The best rank in standings  by a CRT bike is Colin Edwards from NGM Mobile Forward Racing on his Suter BMW.

In terms of Top Speed

Hector Barbera with a top speed of 342.3 km/hr is the fastest and behind him was Dani Pedrosa with a top speed of 341.8 kms.In third place was Valentino Rossi with 341.6 km top speed and in fourth place was Nicky Hayden with 31.2 kms top speed and in 5 th position was Stefan Bradl with 339.5 km/hr.

Fast lap Rider’s

Casey Stoner has the fastest lap time with 1’55.541 and Cal Crutchlow in second place with a timing of 1’55.984 and in third place was Dani Pedrosa with fastest lap time of 1’56.001.The GRand prix winner Jorge Lorenzo has the fourth fastest lap time with his fastest lap being 1’56.067.


With three riders in the top 5 and one rider winning the Grand Prix Yamaha had a good start for the 2012 season.The only dissapointment for Yamaha is from Ben Spies Yamaha Factory rider who settled for 11 th place.

Honda can be happy about the fact that there are two riders in the top three and the bad news for them is the satellite riders settling for 7 and 8 positions.

Seems like Ducati is going to have a tough Moto GP season with Nicky Hayden in sixth place the only hope Ducati has will be on Nicky hayden.

This Grand Prix had again proved that the Honda bike is a perfect mixture of Performance and top speed while the Yamaha is more performance oriented and Ducati bike is focused on top speed.


Commercial Bank Qatar 2012 Moto GP Jorge Lorenzo wins the first Moto GP Grand Prix of 2012 season

Jorge Lorenzo racing on his 1000 cc Yamaha M1 2012  bike racing for the Factory Yamaha racing team has started his season with a victory.He started the race in pole position.His total race time was 42:44.214.

Dani Pedroa Repsol Honda team riding on Honda RC213V finished in second place with a time difference of 0.852 seconds between him and Jorge Lorenzo.His total race time was 42:45.066.

Casey Stoner who from Repsol Honda roding on honda RC213V is the defending champion for the title had settled for third place in the standings.He fell behind Lorenzo by 2.908 seconds and the difference between him and his team mate Dani Pedrosa was 2.056 seconds.

In Fourth place was Cal Crutchlow from Monster Yamaha Tech 3 riding on satellite Yamaha M1 2012.He was behind Lorenzo by a massive margin of 17.114.

In Fifth place was Cal Crutchlow’s team mate Andrea Dovizioso on the Satellite Yamaha M1 bike was behind Lorenzo by 17.420 seconds.

Nicky Hayden riding Desomosedici GP 12 finished in Sixth place with a time difference of 28.413 seconds.

Valentino Rossi racing for Ducati factory racing failed to impress he finished in tenth place falling behind Lorenzo by 33.665 seconds.

Ben Spies finished in 11 th place.while the three other riders 1 factory rider and 2 Satellite team riders finished in top 5.

Hector Barbera had the highest top speed he reached 342.3 km/hr top speed he finished in ninth place.

The CRT bike best position was held by Colin Edwards in 12 th position on his Suter BMW bike.

Qatar Grand Prix 2012 – Moto GP Jorge Lorenzo Secures Pole

Jorge Lorenzo from Yamaha Factory racing on his 1000 cc Yamaha M1 bike won the pole position by leading the Qualifying practice at Qatar 2012 Moto GP 2012.His fastest lap was 1’54.634 and had achieved a top speed of 327.1 km/hr.In the second place was defending champion Casey Stoner from Respol Honda on Honda RC213V with a lap time of 1’54.855 falling behind Lorenzo by 0.221 seconds.asey had a top speed of 331.9 kms.Behind casey was Cal Crutch low from monster Yamaha Tech 3 racing falling behind Lorenzo by 0.388 seconds and behind Casey by 0.167 seconds.Cal Crutchlow had a top speed of 328 km/hr.

In fourth Place was Ben spies Yamaha Factory racing who was unimpressive in the free practice sessions had proved his worth by coming in fourth place.His fastest lap time was 1’55.512 falling behind the fastest man by 0.878 seconds.In fifth place was Nicky Hayden racing on the Desmosedici GP 12 he and Lorenzo had a time difference of 1.003 seconds and had a top speed of 334.2 km/hr.Monster Yamaha Tech 3 rider Andrea Dovizioso finished in sixth place with falling behing Lorenzo by 1.224 seconds.

Valentino Rossi had top speed with his bike reaching 338 km/hr.The slowest factory/satellite bike in terms of top speed was Ben spies with 3226.1 kms.It seems Ben spies likes the spot he was the slowest in top speed of Factory/Satellite bikes in all three free practice sessions in Qatar Grand prix 2012.

The CRT bikes had to settle for the 13 th position as their highest Colin Edwards on his Suter BMW was in the thirteenth place and highest for a CRT.Edwards was also the fastest CRT on the track with 314.8 kms.

Ioda Racing bike was again the last continuing the last position in terms of top speed.The bike had achieved a top speed of 296.8 km/hr.However Ioda Racing rider Danilo Petrucci finished in 19 th position in the standings.

It is already clear that the Yamaha M1 is peroformance oriented than top speed from the three free practice sessions.With their four riders 2 factory + 2 Satellite being in the top six.It shows that the Yamaha will be having a good Moto GP season in 2012.

While the Honda RC213V was a blend of performance and top speed its chances of winning depend solely on Casey Stoner as Dani pedrosa finished in seventh position and Stefan Bradl of LCR honda was in ninth position and Alvaro Bautitsta in 11 th position.

For Ducati one thing that can keep them happy is the fact that Nicky Hayden was in the 5 th position other than that there are no good moments for them.Valentino Rossi finishing in 12 th place was a bad signal for Ducati.Looks like the Desmosedici GP 12 is more top speed oriented rather than performance.

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