Maruti Swift Review: Overpriced

Maruti launched the 2nd generation of its iconic Swift 6 years after the Swift was first released into the Indian market in 2005. It was quite a revolution and gave all other hatchbacks a run for their money. Even this is quite an understatement for a car which set the sales chart on fire with a whopping 6 lakh sales over 6 years. It was a all-rounder and a game changer in the Indian Automobile Market. It appealed to everyone from the youth to the elderly for its sporty looks, aggressive performance and not to mention the terrific fuel efficiency of the diesel. So, here comes its successor, the 2nd generation Swift. Can it fit into the big boots of its old mate? Lets, have a look. Continue reading


Alto K10 Review: Affordable Pocket Rocket

Maruti launched the new Alto K10 which is an upgrade from its biggest success, India’s most selling car, the Maruti Alto. The Alto k10 is powered by the K-series 1000 cc engine, the same that powers the other Marutis viz. A-star, new Wagon R, Zen Estilo.

The most tempting aspect is the 67bhp that the engine produces for a car whose kerb weight is 760 kg’s. That’s an astonishing 88bhp/tonne which puts not only hatchbacks in B1,B2 segments but also the C segment sedans to shame. It’s indeed more power than the SX4. This one is definitely targeted at the car enthusiasts on a lean budget. The Alto800 though is the best selling car, was never fun to drive which the K10 is all about.

The K10 is priced competitively between 3.06-3.13 lacs, ex-showroom price, Delhi which is just a 50k premium vis-a-vis the Alto800. This car caters to the people who found the old Alto under-powered and stressed under loads.

That’s what the car is all about on paper. Now, lets see what it is about on the road. Continue reading