Who would be worried about Bajaj bike range up to 700 cc ?

The question has a numerous answers as the Indian market is the second largest two wheeler market all around the globe foreign manufacturers who once had never seen India a nice place to sell their motorbikes.But time had changed and every foreign manufacturer who once thought India is not a good place to sell higher displacement bikes have changed their minds and some already had entered into the Indian market.Some companies entered the market with partnership with Indian motorcycle manufacturing companies and some had landed on Indian shores independently some companies which are present in Indian market with smaller displacement specific Indian models had started importing their higher displacement bikes to India. Bajaj had partnered with KTM in which Bajaj has 40 % share.So Bajaj had decided to launch KTM and some Bajaj bikes up to the displacement range of 700 cc in India which would be manufactured in India which keeps their costs down may definitely sent an alarm to other manufacturers.Bajaj already turned Pro-Biking showrooms into KTM stores to offer better sales and servicing for KTM bikes.

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Bajaj Pro-Biking showrooms turn into KTM stores

Bajaj had turned their Pro-Biking showrooms which are meant for sales and servicing of bikes with 200 cc and more displacement. into KTM stores.Pro-Biking showrooms were first started in India in 2005.At that time Bajaj declared that only bikes with displacement starting from 200 cc and above which are from Bajaj or there partners will be sold through pro-biking showrooms and serviced.When the Pro-biking showrooms were first started they were no 200 cc displacement bikes from Bajaj for some time they displayed 180 cc Avenger and 180 cc pulsar in the showrooms.In 2007 Bajaj had introduced Bajaj pulsar 200 Dts-i in the Indian market and after the Launch of the 200 cc pulsar Bajaj made the pro-biking showrooms exclusive only for bikes starting from 200 cc and removed the Avenger 180 and Pulsar 180 from the pro-biking stores. Continue reading

Bajaj and KTM to launch bikes up to 700 cc in India

Bajaj Auto Limited India’s second largest two wheeler maker has plans to launch bikes up to 700 cc in India.The bikes up to 700 cc may not be from Bajaj but from the Austrian company KTM who are well known for their naked endurance bikes all over the world.Bajaj auto Limited has a 40 % percent stake in KTM.These bikes will be cold through KTM stores in India previously Pro biking showrooms.In India we have imported sports bikes with  displacement starting from 600 cc to 1000 cc bikes from the likes of Ducati,Honda,Yamaha and Suzuki on sale for a price tag which only some can afford.The high price of this bikes can be attributed directly to the point that these companies do not manufacture the high end bikes in India they manufacture the bikes somewhere else and Import them to India in completely built Unit (CBU).In India we have a 100 % import tax on a CBU vehicle whether it may be a car or a motorcycle.So that makes the price of this high displacement bikes go up towards the stars.So whats special in Bajaj making the news with their plans for launching bikes up to 700 cc ? The main thing that excites bike lovers in India is the fact that KTM bikes will be manufactured in India by Bajaj so no import duties which double the cost of the bikes.This can be seen with the launch of KTM Duke 200 which is manufactured at Bajaj Chakan plant was launched at an impressive price tag of rupees 1,17,000 .The CBR 250R  was brought into India in Completely Knocked Down (CKD) on which only 10 % import duty is imposed.The Ninja 250R which brought change in the auto market which is also a CKD was  priced highly  at rupees  2,69,ooo but sold well in the Indian market which made Honda launch their CBR 250R at a price less than 40 % of the Ninja 250R.The excess pricing of the Ninja 250R when compared to CBR 250R in India (although they are priced nearly the same all over the world) may be justified that the Ninja has a two-cylinder engine where as the Honda has one and the Ninja has more styling and road presence than the CBR.This shows that Indians have love for exotic bikes which may be over priced when compared to other bikes with same displacement.Take for instance the R15 which is not in any way over priced but when compared to a Pulsar 220 cc bike it losses in power output and torque although comparing an 150 cc bike to a 220 cc bike does not show the clear picture the price of the R15 is rupees 1,08,000 when compared with other 150 cc bikes it is very high.But also the R15 managed to be sold in large number because of its looks and racing ability combined with handling.The R15 price is justified by the fact it is made for racing which gave the Indians a pure taste of racing.The R15 is built in India.This again shows that Indians love bigger displacement bikes and sporty bikes but until it fits their pocket they are willing to spend.

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Hero Moto Corp Future

Apparently the biggest two-wheeler manufacturer in India in terms of sales by a large margin over its competitor Bajaj Motorcycles.But are the figure ‘s going to stay continued over the coming years ? Many would have thought that after the separation of Honda from Hero Honda joint venture that the sales of Hero will decrease but to their surprise Hero posted a growth of 48 % in quarter 4 2011.

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