Yamaha YZF R125 Racing bikes

Yamaha R125 is used in some racing series we bring you the livery of  Yamaha R125 bikes used in racing series from Yamaha factory team and also  including and some bikes are not sponsored by factory Yamaha team.

1.Yamaha Factory racing bike:

This bike is sponsored by Factory Yamaha team and is represented in Yamaha blue color.The white alloy wheels are Forged aluminium and weighs less than those seen on Yamaha R125 street bikes.The factory Yamaha R125 co sponsor is Malossi and Malossi has a private team which also uses R125 for racing.The electronics of the bike almost remain same with sight changes.The exhaust is a different one.

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Yamaha R4 250 cc sports bike

Yamaha R4 Yellow

Yamaha R4 is a 250 cc motorbike by Yamaha.It is not yet launched but a Japanese magazine released the pictures of the R4 250 cc bike and released them.It is a sporty 250 cc bike.The bike has the styling of Yamaha R series DNA.The bike is meant more for track use rather than street commuting.However it is also usable in the street with a 250 cc engine.The bike be released first  in Japan then followed by Europe.This bike will compete against the like Honda CBR 250R,Kawasaki Ninja 250R,Hyosung GT 250R in Europe.Previously Yamaha does not have a tough competitor in the 250 c segment.So Yamaha wants to gain a market share in the 250 cc segment with the R4.So one could expect the R4 lot os technologically advanced systems making way into the bike.The bike wil be competitivey priced against the other 250 cc bikes.Yamaha also plans to launch Yamaha Fazer YS 250 in 2013 in Europe.the Fazer YS 250 is a naked version.But completely different from the R4.

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Yamaha Fazer YS250 Naked 250 cc bike


The Fazer YS250 is a 250 cc touring bike.Which is specially meant for long distance touring.The Fazer 250 is already sold in Brazil and is making way into India in mid of 2013.The reason for Yamaha to introduce the Fazer 250 is to compete in the 250 cc bikes segment in India.The 250 cc segment is growing in India with the Indian youth looking for higher displacement bikes.And Kawasaki Ninja 250R selling more than anticipated by the company and also the Ninja 650R gained traction with the price point for the bike.Hyosung also had some success in Indian market with their GT 650R offering.Yamaha also plans for the launch of Yamaha R4 250 cc which is meant for racing like the Yamaha R15 some time around in 2013.It is possible that it may be released along with the Fazer 250.

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Yamaha RD 350

Naked 350 cc bike from Yamaha

Yamaha had announced the plans to reintroduce the old Yamaha RD 350 which was one of the most powerful bikes in 1970’s by the end of 2013.The bike  produced 45 bhp at the crankshaft and  around 35 hp at rear wheel.Those days the Yamaha RD 350 was 2 stroke although there were four-stroke models the two-stroke models of the RD 350 were well received.But for the new bike with the new European Union Emission 3 standards manufacturing a two stroke with emission standards is a whole lot of money to be invested as two-stroke technologies are not used these days and the technologies haven’t developed as they are not used.So Yamaha will go with a four stroke engine for the bike.The bike is a true naked bike with emphasis on city commuting and joyful highway riding.Yamaha plans to create a new segment for the bike and also the bike is a direct competitor to Honda CB 300R in Brazil and also a competitor to KAwasaki Ninja 250R although the Ninja and Rd 350 are in different class it could give Ninja run for the money with its looks and styling.

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Yamaha YZF R125

Yamaha YZF R125 Side By side

With its aggressive looks and styling R125 is sure to storm the Indian Market

The Indian Automotive Scene is heating up with the Launch of KTM Duke 200 in Indian Market in association with Bajaj and now Bajaj Pro-Biking showrooms which are previously meant to market High End Bajaj Pulsar and Avenger Model along with Kawasaki Ninja 250R and 650R have turned into KTM although the Ninja’s will be sold there in the KTM stores the high end pulsars from now will be sold in any normal Bajaj Outlet.The Austria company said that they are planning for a sporty 125 cc bike for Indian market and dubbed it as KTM Duke 125 and Honda already has a nice share in the 125 cc segment with the Honda Stunner and Bajaj with their successful Discover has a market share more than that of Hero Moto In 125 cc category.For Yamaha this is not the case though they have successful sports bikes like the Yamaha YZF R15 and FZ-16 and FZ-S and Fazer which are successful and as well as changed the market scene in India.But still Yamaha does not have a bike which competes with other 125 cc class bikes.So Yamaha is all set to launch the Yamaha YZF R125 in India in 2012 by May or June.The YZF R125 with its stylish looks is already a run away success in European market and Yamaha India hopes that this bike can make them have a considerable amount of share in the Indian 125 cc class.

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Yamaha YZF R15 Version 2.0

From the rear it looks like an Yamaha R6

The Yamaha YZF R15 Version 2.0 is the successor of the previous Yamaha YZF R15 which debuted in India in June 12 2008 in India.Since then the R15 has not gone under upgrade and increasing competition in Indian market with a new CBR150 and KTM Duke 200 Yamaha thought that a upgrade was necessary and  in September sixth 2011 the Version 2.0 was released.The bike under gone many changes visually and new paint jobs and finishes though the engine output and the chassis and suspension remains the same the Version 2.0 has some performance improvements around the circuit because of change in gear ratios and increase in performance.
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