Hero moto enters into Motorcycle racing

Hero Moto Corp after joining hands with EBR from USA will enter into motorcycle racing with EBR.EBR currently races its motorcycles in AMA pro racing.Shortly the EBR bikes will carry the logo of Hero.HEro moto corp becomes the first Indian automobile manufacturer to race in AMA Pro.Previously the only two wheeler manufacturer from India to race in Internationally recognized motorcycle racing is Mahindra in Moto 3 class of Grnad prix motorcycle racing with their MPG 30 race bike.

The move into motorcycle racing by Hero adds lots of appeal to the Hero brand.There are chances that EBR with the funding from Hero moto and the new CRT rules which allows road going bike engine to be matched with a prototype chassis and can be raced on the grids of Moto GP.EBR can move into Moto GP by 2013 with Hero stickers on the bike.


Hero Moto Corp joins hands with EBR

Erik Buell shaking hands with Hero Managing Director

Hero Moto Corp India’s and also world’s ┬álargest two wheeler manufacturer had joined hands with EBR from America.It comes as a surprise to Indian auto enthusiasts who thought Hero might join hands with Suzuki.EBR is previously Buell motorbikes but Harley Davidson had the ownership rights to the Buell brand name so the Buell company founder Erik Buell named his new company as Erik Buell Racing.EBR with the Launch of 1190 RS had proved the potential of EBR.The 1190 RS is a limited edition bike only 100 will be made.1190 RS is based upon Buell 1125R. Continue reading