Moto GP 2012- Difference between Factory bikes versus Satellite bikes versus CRT bikes

Burning Moto GP 2012 LogoThere are three kinds of Proto type bikes used in Moto GP for racing in 2012 Moto GP Season.

The three types of Proto type bikes are

  • Factory Bikes
  • Satellite Bikes
  • CRT Bikes


Factory Bikes:

Valentino Rossi's Ducati Desmosedici GP 12 Bike

Factory bike- Ducat Desmosedici GP 12

These bikes are made by a single manufacturer generally a motorbike manufacturer will manufacture the factory bikes.There are three factory bike manufacturers in 2012 Moto GP.The factory bike manufacturers are Honda,Yamaha and Ducati.Each company manufactures one model of Factory bike.The three factory bikes are


2012 Moto GP Satellite Bikes

Satellite bikes are another form of Moto GP factory bikes made by the three manufacturers Honda,Yamaha and Ducati.Satellite bikes are used by satellite teams which are supported by their sponsors and also the factory bike manufacturers.The satellite team will lease or buy the factory bike and make slight tweaks according to their requirement and place their sponsors stickers on the bike.Satellite teams are not allowed to participate in Moto GP manufacturers championship because these companies only lease/buy bikes but do not manufacture them.

With the new CRT rule in Moto GP the satellite bikes have seen a reduction in number.There are 6 riders from 5 different teams using Satellite bikes in 2012 season.The price of the factory bikes in 2012 are expected to start around at $ 4 million.

Satelite Ducati Desmosedici GP 12 Moto GP bike:

Cardion AB Moto racing Satellite Ducati Desmosedici GP 12 bike during presentation

Cardion AB Moto GP Racing bike

1.Cardion AB Moto Racing

This team uses satellite Ducati Desmosedici GP 12 bike.The owner of the team Karel Abraham is also the rider for the team in Moto GP.He is also the first Czech Republic racer to participate in Grand prix Motorcycle racing. Continue reading

Lamborghini Aventador J Unica ” Limited Edition Car “

Lamborghini Aventador J Unica at the show

Lamborghini Avnetador J was launched at the car Geneva motor show and the roadster stole the show instantly.The car which is dripping in carbon-fibre and luxurious cockpit was worthy of turning the eyeballs at the Geneva motor show.Only one car will be made and was also sold for a whopping $ 2.74 million.Another interesting fact about this car is it was built only in six weeksContinue reading

Moto GP bikes fan concepts

Moto GP 2012 Grid has only 3 factory teams with the shrinking number of riders and bikes on the grid Moto GP had introduced the CRT (Claiming Rule Team)  to provide entry for teams using a production based engine and prototype chassis there by reducing the costs for CRT teams which made the Moto GP 2012 Grid with 21 bikes.But still there are only 3 factory teams and Suzuki had left Moto GP 2012.Kawasaki had exited Moto GP long back in 2009.There is also some good news with the CRT rule Aprilia which had a factory team in Moto GP in between 2002-2004 with their Aprilia RS 3 Cube racing machine is now supplying CRT bikes for Moto GP teams with a heavily tuned Aprilia RSV 4 engine and Proto type chassis derived from RS 3 Cube and named the CRT manufacturing division as ART (Aprilia Racing Technology) this shows a positive sign for the entry of Aprilia in Moto GP if the CRT bike performs well in 2012 Moto GP.and BMW which had never entered into Moto GP was also aiming to enter Moto GP at least by 2014 and a CRT bike using the proven BMW S1000RR engine and Suter chassis with Colin Edwards as the rider  is in the 2012 Moto GP grid for 2012.But fans want more than BMW and Aprilia entering into Moto GP but also want to see more factory teams sponsored or run by  some car companies and some well established  companies to make the Moto GP grid very exciting.Here are the fan concepts of Moto GP bikes.

1.Porshce Moto GP Bike

Although Porsche is a car company which is well known for its luxurious and super cars.Fans want to see a Porsche Moto GP bike in action why ? Because if Porsche was ever to compete in Moto GP with a bike then there are high chances they may introduce a super bike derived from their Moto GP bike.Porsche had never made a motorbike before.

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2012 Moto GP CRT Bikes

The 2012 season of Moto GP alowed CRT (Claiming Rule Teams) to participate in Moto GP for a fraction of cost with a production based 1000 cc engine and a prototype chassis and 9 bikes were accepted as CRT into Moto GP 2012.We had already covered about 2012 Moto GP factory bikes and now we are covering the CRT bikes for this year Moto GP.


The bike is powered by a 1000 cc Kawasaki engine with an FTR (Fabrication Techniques Racing)chassis.Avintia racing with a strategical partnership with BQR (By Queroseno Racing) is developing this bike to race in the 2012 Moto GP as a CRT (Claiming Rule Team)entry.

  • Teams who use BQR-FTR Moto GP CRT bike
  1.  Avintia Racing Moto GP
  • Riders who will ride the BQR-FRT 2012 Moto GP CRT bike
  1. Ivan Silva from Spain                                         (Avintia Racing)
  2. Yonny Hernandez from Columbia                (Avintia Racing)

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Mclaren F1

Mclaren F1 is a sports car manufactured and sold by Mclaren Automotive.The car was first launched in 28 May 1992 in Monaco.The car was priced at $ 970,000 with the high price tag it became one of the world’s costliest car.Only 106 cars were manufactured and the production of the car was stopped in 1998.The car is a coupe with two seat and three seat configurations.Although the car was designed in 1992 and production ended in 1998 this car remains the world’s fastest naturally aspirated engine production car in the world till today.The Mclaren F1 is succeeded by Mclaren Mp4-12C a Formula 1 inspired car.The car was the world’s fastest car when it was launched.

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Should there be a second innings for these cars?

The Tata Sierra, Ford Mondeo, GM Contessa, Tata Estate, etc. were cars that failed to capture the market when they were introduced into the Indian automobile market in the past decade but now the things have changed dramatically in the industry and so has the requirements of the customer. A contessa in very good condition was sold for 50k-60k 2 years back but today you can’t get one less than a lakh. People definitely love these cars but in my opinion, when they were released, the mindset of the people was different and so was the buying capacity. Indians always take time to adjust to any change, so is the case with the automobile sector. A few years ago, a luxury hatchback would never sell in India but today they do, so why not bring back the classics of the old decade and give them a re-birth?

Which cars would you love to see back on the road?

Here’s my list of the top 5 cars I would like to see:

1. Mercedes W124

A true Classic. This is the last true Mercedes and the current generations are no match to its pride. It is fast even by today’s standards. This car was built like a tank by true Mercedes standards and unlike the current gens filled with electronics, this is a simple trouble free mechanical machine. The ride quality and pride in owning a W124 is simply unmatchable. I would love to see this car begin its second innings. Continue reading

Ducati Desmosedici GP 12

Valanetino Rossi's Ducati Desmosedici GP 12

Ducati Desmosedici GP 12

Ducati has unveiled the Desmosedici GP 12 on Tuesday 20 march of 2012.The bike will be used by two Moto GP factory riders seven time world champion Valentino Rossi from Italy and one time champion Nicky Hayden from Australia.There is also a satellite Ducati team in which Karel Abraham the owner of the team will ride the new Desmosedici GP 12 in Moto GP 2012.

The GP 12 marks a new era in the Moto GP history of Ducati who were hesitant to use the aluminium frame used by the Japanese manufacturers and used carbon fibre frame which is bolted to the engine making the engine a stressed member of the chassis.This did not work well with GP 11 when World champion Rossi had failed to place in the top 3 of the standings in 2011 Moto GP has also complained about the lack of front end feel from the bike.So Ducati in the GP 12 had opted for an aluminium frame similar to that used by the Japanese manufacturers to stay competitive.

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Mclaren MP4-12C Formula 1 inspired road going sports car

Orange color Mclaren MP4-12C  front view

Mclaren MP4-12C Successor of Mclaren F1

It is an evolution from the previous generation Mclaren F1.From the engine to the aero dynamics this car is inspired by Formula 1.Mclaren were so obsessed with weight savings on this car in every department.The car is priced at $ 229,000.


The car was mostly inspired from its Formula 1 counterpart.The car is a two seater coupe with Dihedral doors (butter wing (or) Gull wingdoors).The rear exhausts are mounted into the chassis high to ensure minimum usage of pipes to reduce the weight of the car and also helped Mclaren to create a large diffuser at the rear.The front projector headlamps add to the look of the car.The dual side air scoops on either side of the car gives the car a muscular feel and also provides with down force.The rear spoiler which is integrated into the design of the car also act as air brake for the car.The car has a mid mounted engine which is visible from the rear mirror of the car.The total weight of the car is 1301 kg.

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